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Transferring Out From NF to Uniregistry


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Nikki has been great over the past two weeks with my issues. I must say though, there are still MANY problems going on. This past week their billing system was broken. I was also incorrectly charged for names that I won weeks earlier. Still, I can't keep gunning for these guys while they're trying to fix things, so I'm giving Nikki some space to get everything all up and running before I start moaning from rooftops again...

It's good to see Nikki is in fast contact with everyone at the moment. It is good to see the after-auction results have been fixed and I'm even getting email results sent to my inbox for the first time in about a year?!

I have to agree with Johno though... There is years of damage done with this company. Nikki is a great new front woman, I just hope she can keep it up!

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