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Pay.com.au sells $168,000

Bacon Farmer

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There's a big difference between brokering a sale and selling a domain you actually own or control.

A lot of used car salesmen types like to take credit for the sale of a big ticket item in this industry.

Congrats to both parties.


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Also noticed it featured on DN Journal:

Another huge ccTLD sale rounded out the first five. Industry veteran Ned O'Meara at VPE Pty Ltd. brokered the AUD $168,300 (USD $117,810) sale of #5 Pay.com.au, making it 2019's 2nd biggest country code sale to date. Ned happened to be the guy who sold this domain to the current seller a few years ago. O'Meara was also already acquainted with the buyer so both parties wanted him to handle the negotiations.


Bacon Farmer

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It certainly fetched a decent price.

I see Ned is still down as the Tech Contact on the whois record. He should change his Tech Contact email address to something more appropriate like makeanofferforthisdomain@goldstandarddomainer.com.au

It's funny, even in semi retirement he's still topping the charts with domains he has owned or brokered or owned, sold and then brokered.

This is such a nice domain.

After.Pay.Pal <- nice sweet spot. So short, so sweet, so brandable.

"pay.com.au" < - the name itself is just a really short elevator pitch to an angel investor.


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I don't think the domains are "ever increasing". Going in the wrong direction in my view.
Snoopy, I have to say that up until recently, I shared your pessimism about .au. The "SS Domain Investor" had been navigating turbulent waters for a couple of years, and it looked like there was a big waterfall ahead. But amazingly, the cruise operator decided to change course in the nick of time. Are we home and hosed yet? By no means - there are certainly some rapids ahead, but to my viewpoint, I'm feeling a lot less sea-sick than I was.

Dispensing with the metaphors, I think the 9 page submission by Zak Muscovitch on behalf of the Internet Commerce Association carried a lot of weight with the auDA Board, as did the highlighting of the situation by Ron Jackson's DNJournal. But of course, I might be wrong.

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