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Domain Sales List 2014


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Just updated the list with 2 good sales:

BusinessFinance.com.au $16,200 - Netfleet
Film.com.au $4,321 - Netfleet


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Happy to announce I sold my first 4 figure domain name in the weekend:
* emergencydentistsydney.com.au - $1,700 - Private Sale

They were using 'emergencydentistrysydneycity.com' as their domain name so a win win for both.

Now to find a buyer for emergencydentistmelbourne.com.au!

- Duncan


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Now to find a buyer for emergencydentistmelbourne.com.au!

simple, they all go to conventions and they all know each other, just ask for a referral with a % kickback.


i had a client that i'd built a website for, he contacted me and wanted to upgrade it as it was now 6 years old, i asked him if he had any mates in his business sector that might be in need of a website, he said maybe, so i said to him you get me 3 web dev gigs and i'll do yours for free......... he got me 6 !!!

shortly after his next conference i landed another 7 from his recommendation.

...... when people buy something their brain changes, they want to be acknowledged for making a smart decision and the BEST way to do that is to have one of their friends go down the same path, "validation" [ i did this and then so did john so i must have been correct ]
Amway theory 101

same goes for being rejected on a sale " oh you don't want it, ok, can you recommend another dentist in dubbo that may want this domain? " of course they aren't going to tell you, but then you put " fear of loss into their head"........ they probably won't sleep that night and phone you in the morning :D

moral: always ask for a referral especially when you get a no.



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The reported sales list has just been updated with the following:

Cleanskins.com.au $2,384 - Netfleet


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Just added Dal.com.au $2,280 via Netfleet to the sales list :)

Does anyone have any insight on why that LLL went for so much when another LLL went for much less (hew - $48). Dal doesn't sound any more premium to me than hew.


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That's exactly the thing, the value of a LLL.com .au hinges entirely on what a company is prepared to pay. Earlier this year, I managed to pick up my business acronym & I was prepared to pay a little more for it..


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Have just updated the list with one from the drops today:

DomainNameRegistration.com.au $2,888 - Netfleet


Hey All, Just added 3 sales to the list, all via Netfleet:
Educate.com.au $5,000
StoneDiamonds.com.au $1,700
Hondasuv.com.au $1,500

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