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Coles systems down and stores closed

On the same day I noticed Woolworths launches (?) "automated estore". Not sure what the estore is, the article mentions automations.

Interesting! Great find @chris.

"The floor in Carrum Downs can hold up to 10,000 of the most in-demand grocery products so that personal shoppers don’t have to go to the shopfront, but fresh fruit and vegetables and meat will continue to be picked from the shopfloor."

I imagine this is like a distribution center for Woolworths, rather than them distrbuting from a store?

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They've had an interesting approach with how to handle this... Free delivery and more loyalty points.
Turning a negative into a kinda opportunity. Do feel for all their front line staff - including digital touchpoints.
But you had to spend $50 to get the free delivery, care about their staff? How long did they wait to introduce masks and sanitiser ?


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I just find it interesting that whole stores need to close if they’re having technical difficulties! Like.. is there no back up in place (manual processing etc?)
Agree, would have thought they'd have a stand alone system, or cash only...

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