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auDA / Afilias PR Spin Doctor "Lies" shot down by another respected Media icon


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Play the ball, not the player guys. In the words of CJ Gregg from the television series “The West Wing” - Hunting season on me is over!

Laurie, the fact is you go around asking everybody their "vested interest" and accusing them of hiding whilst at the same time you've avoided your own "vested interests" for months. You've been playing the man since you turned up.

It is very apparent that you are being paid to post on forums and blogs as well as being paid to write positive articles about auDA. I can't imagine your role involves coding the registry exactly, and you don't seem to be doing anything else in all of this.

Why not come clean on what your vested interest actually is?

Laurie Patton

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My vested interest is very clear and has existed for several years now, ever since I became involved with the organisation through Internet Australia. I want to see auDA reformed. And the bullying tactic you are now using on me is all the more reason why this must and will happen.

Bacon Farmer

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Why aren't you running Internet Australia anymore?

How come your posts here, coincided with your paid gig with Afilias?

Who are you accusing of bullying you?


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To observers and readers of ITWIRE. It appears Laurie has spat the dummy he cannot freely just file dump his auDA press releases via IT wire..So he has resorted to attacking the very respect IT Journalist personally.

It shows how desperate they have become to try and manipulate their PR spin and lies campaign.

Laurie please stop bullying Sam at ITWire , stop bullying and smearing other auDA members, Whistleblowers and former Directors who have spoken up and exposed the issues the Government has taken on board.

Good on Sam at IT Wire for exposing this sneaky auDA / Aflias campaign using paid PR Spin Doctors and their expensive waste of auDA funds on "Misinformation"....

I see Sam also mentions auDA's paid spin doctor Ian Hanke again also in his posts! Good on you Sam! Respect for speaking up to this massive auDA backed PR scam taking place!... Will we see this all hidden and grouped together under "Consultants" on the auDA expenses and annual report? Current auDA has No Accountability or Transparency..

Laurie Patton

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This is pretty much all you need to konw...
"Hi Sam, I sent you an email containing my latest post on auDA because as a journalist I always like to know both sides to any story I cover and figured you'd feel the same. I sent it to a range of people and posted it on LinkedIn. I was acting on my own behalf having presumed you would be fed the story. I have disclosed my relationships (in the article I sent you and in previous comments on this site). Being an interested party does not diminish the facts I present any more than the other party who gave you the yarn. This is from what I sent you yesterday: "POSTSCRIPT: Late today auDA announced that demand class director Tim Connell has resigned. Mr Connell says he doesn’t support what auDA describes as the “majority position of admitting new members in line with the auDA Constitution and the requirements of the federal government review”. While Mr Connell is certainly entitled to his viewpoint, at the recent Special General Meeting auDA’s top-tier legal firm, Ashurst, confirmed that the provisions of the Constitution do not allow the board to reject the new members. auDA has three months (“or such longer period as the Board may otherwise resolve”) to appoint a replacement for Mr Connell." In defence of the auDA board members, some of whom are long standing friends, even if some people question the fact that new members have joined in large number, given the rules applying under the Constitution you can't reasonably attack the directors for taking the legal advice they received."


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Laurie has had his postings labelled as "hate-speech" by an industry blogger,

I have yet to see anyone back you up publicly when you spew this tripe, so your constant hate-speech against the domainer community seems to show you’re on your own with these thoughts.

I can’t fathom how you think the way you do about domainers and/or domain name investors in this day and age, but in any case, it’s now time for you to realign your thoughts with reality.

At no point has the communications department inferred that domainers or domain investors have “captured” anything. So you need to be careful with your propaganda spin in this regard. It’s offensive.



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