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www vs non www

Discussion in 'SEO & SEM Discussions' started by enjoi, May 31, 2013.

  1. enjoi

    enjoi Membership: Trader

    Oct 20, 2008
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    Not sure if this has been asked before but my im a little confused in regards to backlinks on www vs non www and how google/bing see these domains.

    For example

    backpackers.com.au backlinks: 960
    www.backpackers.com.au backlinks: 507

    Is this going to cause ranking issues ?
    Any recommendations on what I should do ?
  2. helloworld

    helloworld Membership: VIP

    Apr 21, 2012
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    You've got a 301 redirect from www. to http. Nothing much more really to do. It will pass some juice but not all. You can try and get your links all pointing to the http if you can be arsed. Probably better off working on site yo
  3. mjonezy

    mjonezy Membership: VIP

    Oct 15, 2012
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    Helloworld has it covered with the 301 redirects and you already have canonical tags installed on the site, so i'd suggested also setting the preferred domain in Google Webmaster Tools.

    A quick heads up that you have duplicate versions of your homepage in the Google index (you might want to delete hello world and noindex the others)