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WHY the 955 must go.


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Current auDA management are not meeting the DoCA Conditions:


"The Review considers that the use of transparent criteria for assessing applications and a formalised and rigorous process for reviewing applications is required."


That the .au domain administrator:
· consults with stakeholders on deliberations and decisions that will impact on the Australian internet community
· has a clearly defined membership structure that can represent the views of the Australian internet community
- initiate activities that engage the internet community and support the diversification of its member base

· establish an effective process for assessing and processing new members.

Support accountability and transparency

In managing a public asset, the .au domain administrator will be accountable to its stakeholders, including the Australian Government. Improved transparency and accountability is necessary to provide the assurance that the .au namespace is being managed consistent with Government and community expectations.

That the .au domain administrator has:
· an annual strategic plan that reflects these Terms of Endorsement and the company’s purpose with reference to how it will discharge its functions as a not-for-profit entity
· a transparency and accountability framework
·an effective reporting framework which would include reporting through its Annual Report and at its Annual General Meeting on performance against:
· these terms of endorsement, supported by a key performance indicator framework
· board performance against its charter
· its strategic plan
· the transparency and accountability framework
· stakeholder engagement activities including international and community activities and initiatives that aim to expand the member base."


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I did that live at the SGM, I crawled every page with screaming frog software then searched the results. I found nothing and asked the chair on the day. He said there was a new protocol put in place after the last AGM and it was published on their site. If it wasn't there he promised to buy me " a small bottle of lemonade and drink it with you" In support of his argument the CEO sent me this link https://www.auda.org.au/about-auda/membership/


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The chair also said at the SGM that he wrote the protocol and is definitely on their web site. Surely he would not risk a small bottle of lemonade over this?


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I suspect the policy is nothing more than this,

"auDA may contact applicants to confirm details of their application and membership class eligibility."

Basically it means they can do whatever the like.


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no lemonade for me then presumably..

meanwhile, behind closed doors, "A toast to 955 new members' (cough, cough), "Sir, Sir, sorry to interrupt but they cant make it". 'Why Not'. "Well...they don't live here Sir." "Oh, very well then..."A toast to those who don't live here" (pause) "Um, Sir, Sir..." "GAWD DAMN IT MAN WHAT IS IT", "we... live here...", "Yes, but your vote wont matter" (room quietly empties) where is everyone going, come back...wait...come back

...and from that day forth he was known as, the Lemonade man
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