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Which Extension Will You Purchase ?


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New gTLD debate aside, and no data to back this up - just what I've seen in the wild... (but as someone that pays attention to these things)

.link - I have seen a few people using this one for link tracking/forwarding. Probably my only favourite on that list.

.hosting - I would think the price increase had a negative impact on this one. Can't recall seeing it used.

.help - I haven't seen this one in the wild that I can recall, but I can see a use case.

.lol - I have a feeling I have seen this used by spammers (can't find any examples, so I may be wrong)

The prices seem to be in sync with ones that have had the most adoption. Looks like .photo may be in use, but haven't seen it myself being used.

Not sure about any of the others.


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I see .photo on the list. Knowing there’s a .photos also you wouldn’t see me using one.
unfortunately .pics doesn’t strike me as a great extension..

sorry no purchases here..


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it’s an interesting scenario with gtld’s
when it comes to desired names..
Premium names are expensive (considering their short track record) & annual renewal rates. With the possible 6 month short notice in increase pricing by their respective registries discretion is something that concerns me.

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