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What's the go with go.com.au?


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I've been checking some domains on the priority status tool auDA provide for the new direct .au registrations, one of those was go.au. All extensions for go are returned as Declined:


The domain appears to be a reserved name according to auDA policy.

The only clause I can see it matching in Section 2.6 is that which is reserved for auDA's future use:

2.6.4 .au Domain Administration may reserve names:
  1. that pose a risk to the operational security, integrity and utility of the .au domain;
  2. where it is necessary for the proper administration of government; and
  3. for future use by the administrator of the .au ccTLD for operational purposes or as second level domains.
I've checked the reserved names list at https://www.auda.org.au/policy/reserved-list-policy-2014-06, and it's not listed, however the page does say it's a non-exhaustive list.

Why is "go" a reserved name? What does it mean for the existing registrant? Are they able to renew it?


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If it is on the reserved list it means that no one can get go.au
this does not affect existing registrants such as go.com.au

as for why it is on the list, someone at auDA, registry or a gov department would have requested it to be put on the list.

I think they thought it was too close to .gov
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