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What if ...???

Discussion in 'Guest Articles' started by neddy, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. neddy

    neddy Membership: VIP

    Oct 17, 2008
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    This is a guest article by Mike Robertson of Domain Guardians.

    Please feel free to leave some comments.

    What if... securing the future was as simple as Domain Legacy?

    "Who will manage my domains when I'm gone?" is a question that many in the domain industry have considered over the years.

    Enter Domain Guardians, a company that brings together a team offering over 50 years of combined experience and knowledge
    within the domain industry. Their Domain Legacy product has specifically been designed to assist and protect the financial future
    of domain professionals and their families.

    Leading the company are Fabulous.com alumni, Mike Robertson, Jen Sale and Bill Vanderent. They are joined by Adam Strong
    (veteran Domain Professional) and Paul Keating (leading Domain Attorney). Each brings a vast array of skills, knowledge and experience
    which covers every facet of the domain industry; domain registrar operations, domain management, domain monetization, domain
    aftermarket sales, domain development and domain law, ensuring your domain assets continue providing for your loved ones.

    In the past, the Domain Guardians team have witnessed incidents where a domain owner passed suddenly and the family was were left
    with these assets they knew nothing about. Already dealing with the emotional loss of their loved one, successfully maintaining and
    managing a domain business can be a daunting and unbearable task; especially when the beneficiaries have little to no understanding
    or experience of domains.

    The Domain Legacy service is best described as a domain estate planning and management tool for domain professionals. It is a repository
    where clients can store confidential information pertaining to their domain portfolio and business strategies. The service also allows users
    to identify beneficiaries, those that are to receive information and proceeds in the event of death or disability. Domain Guardians will also
    liaise with your attorney, family and heirs to execute your wishes/instructions, which may be to liquidate or continue managing the portfolio.
    They understand that each individual is different and strive to accommodate all scenarios - it is a “white-glove” service tailored to the
    clients individual needs.

    If any of the following apply to you, then you should consider taking steps to protect the future of your domain business and your family
    with a Domain Legacy plan:

    • You are a "domainer" and few in your family understand your business;
    • Your family relies on your online business activities for their financial security;
    • Your family relies on your online business activities for their financial security;
    • You do not wish to disclose your business strategy or account information to friends or colleagues;
    • You have online banking or investment accounts;
    • You need a secure and reliable system for storing sensitive online account information

    Put simply, Domain Legacy allows you to provide clear instructions so that in the event of your death or disability your family will be able to
    identify and access your assets, and continue to successfully benefit from your hard work. It’s not an easy topic to discuss, one’s mortality,
    or one that people like to think about, however it is something that everyone needs to address at some point. Having plans and procedures
    in place to help lessen the burden on your family and friends is something every domain professional should act upon today!

    Please email Mike if you would like any further information.
  2. neddy

    neddy Membership: VIP

    Oct 17, 2008
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  3. Data Glasses

    Data Glasses Membership: VIP

    Jun 26, 2008
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    I have previously thought about this but also thought about the way i change them on a regular basis and how many there is, perhaps i can leave a series of clues which can be worked out at the wake
  4. hoppingmad

    hoppingmad Membership: Community

    Oct 14, 2011
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    can you will you domain name on??

    As our URL has a PR 6 and has a great ranking, in light of this conversation are you able to put your URL in your will??

    hopping mad web design sydney
  5. Shane

    Shane Membership: VIP

    Jul 8, 2010
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    auDA Member:
    It depends which entity the domain is owned by.

    If you own it as a sole trader then you would be able to pass it on via your will, but if it's owned by your company then it's the company's asset, not yours.

    You could of course pass on your shares in the company via your will, but that's different to just passing on the domain.

    If you wanted to get a bit more complex you could put in place a contract between yourself and the company whereby your death triggers the transfer of the domain from your company to your personal name, and then to your beneficiaries via your estate.

    Anyway I have nothing to do with Domain Guardians, I'm just someone who knows a bit about estate planning and had a spare five minutes to reply. :)