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Some thoughts please??

I have developed a number of websites, and I have made a little money off an ebook from one (my ebook that i wrote, was stolen and is available now ALL over the internet - lesson learnt), but I am really struggling with the monetization of the others.

The site I was making money off is www.bartholinscysts.com, which is VERY niche, but apart from an ebook, I don;t know how else to monetize.

The other sites I have are also very niche health industry sites



I own a whole stack of dryneelding domains as I wanted to develop a whole suite of sites with training, however find the whole things massive and daunting, and want to monetize without selling courses (because dryneedling requires skin penetration, it can only be a face to face course, rather than video)

Can someone give me some tips? I really don;t have any money to spend on advertising, but the domains are good enough (with website seo) that I get top ranking in google..




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Might be an idea to let users know the site has large pictures of vaginas on them before they visit at work or with the kids around.


Could do with a nice new design. It looks really dated, like it was made 10 years ago. So users may think the info there is no longer relevant and move on fast. Took me 5 mins to work out there was actually an ebook there. There are no advertisements for users to click through.

tmjneedlling.com - Doesn't resolve for me.

dry-needling.com - I only speak (and read) english so not sure what that's about. But design wise, the same as above.

Sorry I can't give much more feedback.
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