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.Net.Au Views

Discussion in 'General Domain Discussion' started by DnEbook, Apr 6, 2011.

  1. snoopy

    snoopy Membership: VIP

    Jul 14, 2010
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    I didn't say they are "for not for profits sites" I said when you are running a site as a hobby (whirlpool) or backing by the government (abc) it doesn't matter much if you make major blunders, revenue isn't likely to drop lower than $0 when they switch that .net.au on. Whirlpool and abc could use .id.au and their financial performance would be unchanged.

    Secondly you didn't "prove there are .net.au that are standard, are not the slightest bit confusing and do not appear second rate" all you did was give some examples of usage. I can show you people who drive Lada's and own Microsoft Zune's.

    Thirdly I didn't "bring up that spurious argument about SEO " indeed I stated quite the opposite
    Regarding seeing .net.au, I see them occasionally in the real world and I think it is pretty much always a case of someone who has made some kind of error in my view, generally it is a small business who probably didn't get any real advice. Like I said though if it is just SEO type work I don't think it is much of an issue, but beyond that the extension is majorly flawed.

    Now we can talk here all day about people who couldn't care less about making money that are using it, or ISP's who use it as well as the .com.au's or Franks Hamburger shop in Dromana who uses it, but that has little relevance for domainers or web developers.
  2. Honan

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    Jun 22, 2008
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    auDA Member:
    Frank bought that hamburger shop from Jack, when he went broke
    It was called burger king
    Burger King execs from USA gave Jack a very good offer to sell
    He declined
    So Burger king was called Hungry Jacks in Victoria for many years
    That is an urban myth just like the myth that .net.au is inferior