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Hi all,
Looking at the date stamps for the introductions it looks like I am very late to the party, but at least I got here :)
Have just stumbled into the wonderful world of domaining by selling a long held domain when someone contacted me for it, and now want MOAR! Have a few gems in my portfolio and want to make sure I make best use of them and/or get the best price for them.
Looking forward to catching up with the where's and how to's and meeting you all eventually.
Nelle, Perth

Data Glasses

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Welcome Nelle, you might have to move to the Covid Capital to meet most of us! We do have to occasional meet up/get together. A few of us here are more .com fans due to less restrictions, but some like the .com.au drop market and are invovoled in local/aussie domaining scene, just read up is the best info for any newbie, NameBio/Com is a handy resource, good luck!

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