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How to Maximize Domain Parking Earnings

Discussion in 'Guest Articles' started by FirstPageResults, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. FirstPageResults

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    May 26, 2009
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    This guest article has kindly been prepared by James of Domain Sponsor.

    Please feel free to leave some comments.

    How to Maximize Domain Parking Earnings

    Hi everyone - my name is James Tuplin, and I am a Senior Account Manager at DomainSponsor (Europe) - part of the Oversee group. In total, I have been actively involved within the domain industry for over 6 years. My previous position was as the Director of Operations (UK) @ NameDrive.

    As a group, we are very keen to make inroads into the Australian market. I look forward to contributing to DN Trade, and assisting Aussie domainers wherever possible.

    My first effort is to give a run down on domain parking. Apologies to the seasoned domainers on DN Trade as you know all this already. :)

    So what exactly is domain parking ?

    Domain parking allows anyone with little or no technical knowledge to earn a residual income from “parking” redundant domain names. i.e. those domains sitting gathering dust, either awaiting development or being held for eventual sale with no plans of being developed.

    Once a simple DNS change has been made at your domain registrar to point to the DNS of your chosen parking provider, rather than a typical page not found screen, sponsored listings are displayed like those you would typically find alongside search results in Google. An example of a parked page being fancylighting.com .

    Upon a user landing on the parked page the owner of the domain is then paid per click, for the clicks made on the sponsored ads.

    Domain Parking providers are typically partnered with one of the two Tier 1 networks, Google & Yahoo. Google is proven to be the feed provider of choice, for good reason, offering a greater depth of advertising and better worldwide coverage, whilst Yahoo is seen to be strong in English speaking territories.

    DomainSponsor has partnerships with both tier 1 providers which allows it to offer maximum coverage and monetization for all types of traffic from around the world.

    Which Domains Can I Park?

    Domains which have direct navigation type-in traffic or those with expired traffic (i.e drop caught domains with back links) are the best to park. For any domains which do not currently receive traffic it is best to either develop them or make use of the “this domain for sale“ features provided on parked domain landing pages.

    You may be surprised to know that 80% of domain sales derive from inquiries received from the parked page itself. As a result, parking helps you earn weekly revenue plus saves you time in finding buyers. Some companies, like DomainSponsor charge a 0% commission rate for all domain sales, whilst others can charge anywhere from 10-20% or more.

    What should I look for in a domain parking provider?

    When choosing a partner, don’t be afraid to ask questions! What feeds do they use? How long have they been in business? What type of optimization technology do they offer? How many different lander designs are available? Do they offer an alternative monetization option? How often and how quickly do they pay and are they consistent in making those payments? What type of analytical reports and account management tools do they offer? Most importantly, what is your account manager’s experience in case you need advice or assistance?

    Optimizing your domains

    Depending on the parking provider there are various ways in which you can increase your RPM (revenue per thousand views) .


    Often, if the domain name itself includes keywords (e.g. fancylighting.com), your parking company’s optimization technology should hone in on the right keywords and ads to display on the landing page. In other circumstances it is helpful to identify and seed appropriate keywords in the parking company’s system. One particular good tool for this is the Google AdWords Keyword tool.

    Use the Google Keyword tool by entering relevant keywords to the niche of your domain, select [EXACT MATCH] and sort by competition, search volume and CPC. When you select keywords using the Google tool, keep in mind that search volume is only one factor. For example, you might see that the highest volume keywords earn low average CPCs. In this case, you might decide to use slightly lower volume keywords that have much higher average CPCs. If possible, test a variety of keywords to see if the most popular keywords do indeed maximize traffic and monetization, or whether less popular keywords at high CPCs perform better.

    DomainSponsor’s optimization technology does not only identify keyword rich domains but also continues to optimize through behavioral optimization. The system considers searches, clicks, CPCs, ad depth and other factors to name just a few. a

    Your parking company account manager should have the knowledge to help you with keywords and how to seed and test.

    Lander Selection

    Landers can play a great role in increasing your revenue. In most instances, a simple lander design and layout performs better than designs that are filled with distracting images and graphics. For example, think about the simplicity of Google’s website design.

    However, in some instances a more elaborate lander design does perform better. DomainSponsor offers an automatic lander rotation service which quickly identifies the best performing lander design for each domain.

    Finally test a 2 click vs a 1 click implementation and compare the RPM. It may be that 70% of your domains perform best on a 1 click implementation, but what about the revenue you are losing out on the other 30%?

    Want to learn more?

    Above is just small % of what can be done to improve your domains performance.

    To learn how else I can help you optimize your domains to earn more revenue, please do not hesitate to contact me on: jtuplin@domainsponsor.com.

    Or if you have any general questions, please post them here and I will try and answer them.
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    Mar 30, 2012
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    If you park your own domains and create a landing page with some AdSense links does Google offer the same behavioral optimisation technology to constantly make adjustments to the pages sponsored links?