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Has auDA hired Liberal Party spin doctor Ian Hanke, Why for how much $$?

Bacon Farmer

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Howdy ho Mr Hankey
Well worth the money IMHO.
I'm sorry, Tim is obviously in media black out mode given the shit going down at the moment with ouDA, so the shitty jokes are up to me. #FridayFunnies



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Sounds like more political nonsense if true. auDA needs transparency and management who listen, not more of this.

HE used to shave his head before election campaigns and was accused of heading a Liberal Party dirt unit - meet Ian Hanke, the man in charge of James Hird's public relations.
As the Essendon drugs scandal has blown up, the under-pressure Hird has recruited a team of high-powered advisors.

That group includes Hanke, who started working with Hird in May.

He came to public attention last Friday when AFL CEO Andrew Demetriou suggested a caller to 3AW was employed by Hanke.



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I just asked him on Twitter. No response yet.

It will be telling if it becomes cone of silence. The rumour is he is calling media trying to get puff pieces on auDA published.

I wonder if the rest of the board have even agreed to this, hard to believe that they'd all choose a path like that.


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  • Why would auDA hire him?
  • How much is he being paid?
  • What information has he been provided by auDA? Is any of it confidential or about any auDA members, former auDA Directors etc?
  • What is his exact role?
  • Why is none of this on auDA minutes? https://www.auda.org.au/about-auda/our-org/board-meetings/
  • Why have auDA members not been informed?
  • Why is he possibly calling media on behalf of auDA and speaking about auDA policy and auDA`s proposed competing additional . Au direct registration domain name extension? Possibly telling media that existing domain name owners will not lose their .com.au when the competing additional .au comes in?
  • What does he know about domain names and auDA's current / planned policy changes?
  • Does he know any auDA staff, auDA Directors or the Communications Minister who has released the report and review? https://www.communications.gov.au/have-your-say/review-australias-au-domain-management

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