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Good domainer blog article


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Just saw this blog article by Edwin Hayward from the UK.


Edwin is a domainer's domainer, and has got "the runs on the board". So when he writes something, it generally makes a lot of sense.

I liked this bit:

In the offline world, nobody goes around looking at the prime commercial land at the heart of the business district of a large city thinking “If only XYZ developer hadn’t bought the land already, it would have been available for us.” No, every inch of usable space in every major city in the world already belongs to someone – and it’s an accepted fact of doing business that if you want that space, you’re going to have to pay the current owner market value (or more, if they’re not looking to sell) in order to get hold of it.

The domain name market is no different.


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Great Article.
I often get the attitude from the ill-informed "I could have bought that name for $30 5 years ago".
I tell Yes and could have got Facebook.com for $10 once as well.


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Edwin is excellent.
I find there is no analogy between real estate and domains
Domains are not real estate, never have been in their very short life, and never will be.
Domains are nothing but a way of remembering an IP address
Good domains are scarce, valuable, and likely to increase in value.
Apart from that, they have nothing in common with realestate.
Fortunately domainers are very different to real estate agents.
The rules governing use .au names appear to be stricter than laws governing land use.

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