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My current "Discount Domain Club" (DDC) membership had expired and I was searching for a coupon for 1 year new purchase.
I found this blog post - https://couponnexus.com/godaddy-discount-domain-club-coupon-35-year/ - saying I could get it for USD $22 per year, so I gave it a go. It normally costs $14.84 per month AUD - 1 year $177.99 - 2 years $319.99 - 5 years - $709.99.

I had to wait for my existing DDC Membership to expire, and my account to revert to normal.
I changed my account address to a US address, so that it did not automatically add taxes (GST). Using DCC suits me because I have a handful of South East Asian ccTLD domains, that GoDaddy sell cheapest and free proxy service.
I bought a 5 year membership, credit card charge was AUD $148.41.

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My two factor stopped working and they argued it still worked amongst other things .... I went over to Dynadot in the end

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