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Domain Sales List 2019


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Added money.com.au $400,000 brokered by Cooper Mills

Now being touted as the largest publicly known .com.au ever, I find that very average given in 2002 flowers.com.au sold for $153,000 and it has taken 17 years for that record to be broken.

Back then 3 letter .com's could be had for $200 and one word .com often around $1,000-2,000 for decent but not spectacular names. I would say those names have gone up 10x-100x since. We haven't got far in Australia over the last 17 years by comparison.

Data Glasses

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It sounds a bit dated to me, plus the EMDS are very weak, I'd say especially in that fashion type area where it never did very well as it is all about brand.
Well haven't you had a busy day? First you upset all the folk over TLD INVESTORS and now you've come back here. I think it was good a buy for someone that wants to be in that industry. Pity it is parked.


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Added a few sales to the list from Drop:

DL.com.au $10,000 - Drop.com.au
Finances.com.au $10,000 - Drop.com.au
University.com.au $10,000 - Drop.com.au
Mark.com.au $2,500 - Drop.com.au

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