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auDA - Online event to explain why Direct Registration is good for you

Bacon Farmer

Top Contributor
Rosemary was on the ABC the other day and got asked this question.

"Rebecca Levingston:

Why do we need a just plain .au?

Rosemary Sinclair:

Really to keep up with the innovation that we're seeing in the economy and Australian society, and none more so than during the last eighteen months of COVID we've seen people rush online to do all sorts of things they never imagined they'd be doing online, doing that really effectively. And while we've been planning this change since 2015, I think our timings pretty good in launching it next year. "


That's a serious load of bull manure.

Apparently you can't innovate on a ".com.au" but record registrations of .com.au kind of disproves that theory but you know.... good timing.

"We've" been planning this since 2015. Ok so all the debate was a farce, kind of like the voting to change the constitution by the foreign employees of auDA's main contractor?

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