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Are auDA staff trying to influence the auDA PRP with crazy ideas?


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Rumours are someone at auDA is directly trying to influence the auDA Policy Review Panel with crazy submissions and campaigning on the now globally recognised industry standard of monetisation.This person seems to want to ban it in Australia. .. that seems to be going backwards and also open the chance of massive litigation against auDA ( and Directors personally?) and more self inflicted wounds and nails in the auDA coffin.

If this is true members have the right to know about it and to see what they are submitting or proposing and why.

Is anyone at auDA trying to kill off more Australian and global businesses so they close?

Is someone at auDA trying to stop companies from advertising online when and how they want?

auDA has had some of the worst policies in the history of the online namespace. They simply in some cases do not have the actual domain name industry experience from a user or consumer or even advertiser who appluds more options to advertise online and via monetisation / Google Adsense and Adwords is one of them.

Anyone can register most of the now available 1700 domain name extensions and do whatever they want with the domain name and website PLUS monetise them. This is global industry standard. People who do not understand it need to learn more.

Reading back past posts online and submissions it is easy to see who is running this campaign as some type of revenge.

If auDA is supposed to be out of the PRP process what are they doing and who is allowing them to do it?

Without doubt auDA would face a direct onslaught from the global players many which are stock market listed with millions of customers plus what auDA and some may not know is that ADVERTISEMENTS ON A PARKED MONETIZED SITE ARE PAID FOR BY A COMPANY WHO WANTS IT THERE TO ADVERTISE! .. Most will use Google Adsense so in fact it is the choice of millions of advertisers who provide the content for the monetised pages.



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Millions of advertisers and businesses of all sizes globally rely on Monetisation to help promote and sell their products and services.

Many Australian companies rely on it and many Australian companies in fact monetise domain names including some massive ASX listed companies.

There are a very very small group of agitators who think it should be banned for some crazy non factual reason and they show their total ignorance to what it is, how it works, who pays for the advertising and the benefits it provides for the global economy.


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  1. Domain Parking – Even if this type of domain monetization is not highly used, the possibility of "parking" the domain name is possible. Basically, the domain name contains many targeted advertisements based on specific keywords. Profit can be earned by publishing advertisements on the parked domain name. The domain name can be put up for sale at any time. [2]
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Have been hearing similar things about auDA staff going to meetings. Perhaps auDA can explain the role of staff at these meetings?

Has the PRP been run in a genuinely independent fashion or does auDA exert some form of control over it? Why was the CEO reporting to the board about the "quality" of public submissions that had not yet been made public, shouldn't John Swinson be doing that?

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Enetica Domain Monetisation Program

Monetising of domains is a business practice that involves registering domains for the purpose of earning revenue from advertising placed on these domains. The most common advertising used is keyword targeted pay-per-click ads provided by organisations such as Google.

Recent policy reviews by auDA have clarified that registering domains for the purpose of monetisation is a valid practice and fits within the current domain and eligibility rules. This essentially means you can now register whatever domain name you like, regardless of your business name or other business activities. As long as your domain name points to a page/site that has advertising related to the domain name, you are deemed eligible to register and hold that domain name.

Please see the full auDA policy clarification for complete details:

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Domain Monetisation in the .au space (Part 1)
21 12 2008
Domain monetisation regularly causes problems for this breed of persons called ‘domainers’, with threats of domain deletion, but what does auDA’s (au Domain Administration Ltd – the Industry Regulator for the .au domain space) ‘Domain Monetisation Policy 2008-10’ (“the Policy”) actually say ? We will look at these issues in part 1 of our 2 part blog series on domain monetisation.

Our position on many of auDA’s policies is well known within the industry – they are in many cases unreasonable, do not reflect the practical realities, and do not reflect developments in the .au domain space. Whilst we acknowledge that auDA’s job as the regulator is a difficult one, and that this isn’t helped by some people who blatantly do the wrong thing, it is the legitimate domainers who get caught in the net.

The greatest issues with the Policy arise from the definitions or ‘terminology’ as auDA likes to call it contained in the Policy. The three definitions that we would like to focus on in the Policy are:

a) “domain monetisation” means registering a domain name in order to earn revenue from a monetised website;

b) “monetised website” means a website or landing page that has been created for the purpose of earning revenue from advertising, including monetised domain parking pages;

c) “domainer” means a person who has registered a domain name under the close and substantial connection rule for the purpose of domain monetisation;

These definitions are rather unusual.

The definition of ‘monetised website’ is in essence is a website that has been created for the purpose of earning revenue from advertising. Last time we checked the internet, most commercial (and some non commercial) websites sought to earn revenue from advertising their goods and services, after all, isn’t this what commercial websites are for ?

On the basis of this definition www.coopermills.com.au, www.news.com.au and www.sunsmart.com.au are monetised websites. If we were to register lawyers.com.au, and develop a website to use in promoting our services, then this would also be a monetised website. auDA agrees with this interpretation in clause 4.2 and says:

If a domain name resolves to a monetised website then auDA is entitled to regard the domain name as having been registered for the purposes of domain monetisation….

Bearing this in mind we look at the definition of ‘domain monetisation’, which means registering a domain in order to earn revenue from a monetised website. On this basis almost all domains registered for commercial (and some non commercial) websites, are registered for domain monetisation.

Having established that almost all commercial entities who have registered domains for use with their business websites are monetised websites, we look at the definition of ‘domainer’.

A domainer is someone who registered a domain name under the close and substantial connection rule (for those of you who are not familiar with auDA Published Policy – Domain Name Eligibility and Allocation Policy Rules for the Open 2LDs (2008-05) – this is one of the grounds upon which you may register a .com.au domain name under – the other is, an exact match, abbreviation or acronym of the registrant’s name or trademark) for the purpose of monetisation.

The policy goes some way to narrow its extremely broad definitions – so now we have a situation that if you are a commercial entity who has registered a domain and developed a website to resolve from it, and that domain name is not “an exact match, abbreviation or acronym of the registrant’s name or trademark;” then you are a ‘domainer’. Congratulations!"

Two ‘domainers’ that spring to mind are News Limited by virtue of its www.news.com.au website and the Anti Cancer Council of Victoria by virtue of its website www.sunsmart.com.au on which it sells a large range of products.

In part 2 of our blog series we will look at the significance of being a domainer. Stay tuned…..


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From what I have heard the aftermarket is close to dead, almost no activity on the drops. With auDA's continued attacks against monetisation via the PRP, the constant push for .au, and unending policy uncertainty the market is going to be bad for many years.

Make no mistake the the push against monetisation is partly coming from 1 Collins St - the panel is not independent of auDA.


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www.Netfleet.com.au ( Melbourne IT Group)

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Oh, and my favourite Melbourne IT classic was made by Shane Cultra on Domain Sherpa, in reference to their transfer process.
But we all know, at NameJet, you just roll the dice and pray it does not go to one of those smaller ones. Like Melbourne IT, I have to write a letter to my teacher of fifth grade, who will send it off to make sure that it can get transferred, and then they will send it back on a horse.

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