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Advanced Web Ranking Review

Discussion in 'Guest Articles' started by chris, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. chris

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    Mar 7, 2010
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    Advanced Web Ranking – My Review and Interview with Philip Petrescu, Caphyon CEO & Co-founder

    Based on a recent DNTrade thread on keyword position checkers, I decided to write a review of one of my favourite SEO tools, Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) based on my experiences, in the hopes that it will help DNTrade members.

    I also got in touch with AWR to ask them a few further questions about the tool. Philip Petrescu, Caphyon CEO & Co-founder, kindly gave up some of his time and has also come to the party with some very generous offers for DNTrade members. But first, here’s my review.

    What I love…

    AWR really is one of my favourite SEO tools for a few reasons. There are lots of competitors in this space, but what I love is that you’re not limited to the number of projects or clients. That means you can reliably collect as much data as your bandwidth and imagination allows. A common way of billing for many SEO tools is based on per project, site or keyword limits and if you’re working on a few projects it doesn’t take long before you hit these limits. AWR doesn’t have this issue – it is unlimited. The benefit of this is that not only can you monitor your own sites, but you can also monitor your competitors.

    Another reason why I tend to recommend using AWR, is because it really is the “Swiss Army Knife” of SEO tools, jam packed with features. I primarily use AWR for rank monitoring although the auditing, analytics and reporting features are very powerful.

    How it compares to other tools I’ve used…

    I think AWR is better suited to the serious online marketer or SEO professional. Not many SEO tools give you the range of features found in AWR. At times, the learning curve may seem a little steeper than some of the simpler tools around. However, once you want to start capturing more data and really getting your hands dirty, you will appreciate the level of power that AWR brings.

    There are lots of other great products that offer similar features to AWR such as SEO Moz (now Moz Pro) and Market Samurai and I know it’s not uncommon for people to be actively using several tools if they’re serious. It can also sometimes come down to personal preference. Some people prefer AWR because it is primarily a desktop application, whilst others prefer using a web app.

    Personally, I always like to be on the lookout for new tools to try for myself and get a real feel for what’s out there. In my honest opinion AWR is one of the most powerful applications I’ve come across on the market.

    My conclusion…

    In summary, if you’re after a robust product for monitoring the performance of your online marketing efforts, AWR is a solid choice that I have no hesitation in recommending, provided you are prepared to dedicate some time to learn how to use the tool to it’s full potential.


    And now for our quick interview with Philip Petrescu, Caphyon CEO & Co-founder…

    Chris: There has been some recent discussion, on the DNTrade forum, about various rank checking tools available. Obviously we know that AWR is one of the tools that offers a broad range of features. But what else do you think makes your software is so popular amongst SEO professionals and Internet marketers?

    Philip: First of all, our company, Caphyon, has grown in the past 10 years into having a very strong focus on customer service, quality and morale of the staff, and most of all, a passion for what we do.

    If we are talking about our flagship product, Advanced Web Ranking, the reason why it is so popular is mainly because of its great features and its fair one time price for tracking unlimited websites and keywords.

    Here are some of the highlights:

    • Reliable and accurate results, just as you see them when manually searching in your browser
    • Localised results at country or city level for small businesses that only target a certain region
    • AWR is the only Desktop tool out there that can allow companies to share client data between their co-workers (via the Advanced Web Ranking Server)
    • Great selection of reports that can be sent by email automatically on a scheduled basis
    • Complete SEO reports that combine ranking, analytics, links and social data into one interactive HTML report
    • Powerful research tools such as Website Auditor, Keyword Research, On Page Optimization
    • Online ranking and reports sharing via the AWR Cloud service

    Chris: Recently, there seem to be more emphasis about rank checking and monitoring. Why do you think this is?

    Philip: I believe rank tracking has always been important and will always be as long as you combine it with analytics data that tells you how many customers you actually get from these organic searches.

    Lately though, our Google Analytics account shows 70% "not provided" when people search in Google organic. This mean we have no idea what 70% of our customers search for when they find us on Google.

    That is, I believe, the main reason why rank tracking is still important, so you know whether people are still able to find you for your main keywords.

    Chris: What would be your number one tip be for someone who is just starting out with your tool (or SEO in general)?

    Philip: I would get a FREE 30 day trial of AWR, add my main keywords and sync my analytics data from Google Analytics. Then I would look at the keywords that are on the second page in Google but still bring me some traffic and I would concentrate on getting those to the first page.

    That is an easy way to get some extra traffic with very little effort because you are already ranking for these keywords but you don't have yet any exposure to the majority of searchers who don't go past the first 10 results.


    I’d really like to thank Philip and the team at AWR for sharing their time and insights with us. Does this leave you itching for more? Well Phillip and the team at AWR do not disappoint. They have generously given us 3 Enterprise licenses to give away to DNTrade members as well as a generous 15% off AWR for all DNTrade members for a limited time. All you need to do is purchase AWR before 29th July and simply enter DNTRADE15AWR at the checkout.

    So I hear you asking, "But how can I get my hot little hands on one of these Enterprise licenses?", well to be fair, let’s allow the DNTrade community to decide.

    Simply tell us your single best SEO tip for a chance to get one of these AWR licenses. The 3 members who receive the most ‘likes’ from the community for their entry by midnight Thursday 25th July will win.

    So get creative and post your best SEO tips here!


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  2. chris

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    Mar 7, 2010
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    For current users, please note v10 has been released.