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Thanks Ned for suggesting I do a quick overview of the Above.com Parking Manager.


What Does Above Do?

If finds which parking service, (such as Sedo, DomainSponsor, Parked, NamdeDrive, RookMedia, etc... sorry I cant list them all...) pays the most for each domain.

You continue to work directly with your parking companies and they continue to pay you directly. We do not take a percent of your parking revenues.

You can also use the service to merge all your parking accounts traffic/revenue reports into a single report, making it very easy to compare the results.

How Does it Do it?

Each domains traffic is split and rotated amongst the parking account you have and tests the traffic sent to them. It then compares the results. The parking service that pays the most is sent more of the domains traffic and if it still pays more than the others, it wins the traffic. This is continually tested and rested to make sure that you are always making the most out of your parked domains.

If domain earnings drop, the system then sends the traffic to the next best performing service etc...

The whole process is totally automated.

What does it cost?

The service is free to use.

We make revenues though the Maximizer service which basically competes for the traffic. Your parking revenues become the benchmark and we then try to find direct advertisers that are willing to pay a premium for your traffic. If we do you will make atleast 20% more than what you make from parking. We keep a % of this premium and pay you the lions share.

How to Setup and Use the Service?

Very easy to setup and get going:
- make sure that you add domains to Above and all your parking accounts (which you should be doing anyway)
- change DNS
- make sure you resolve domain conflicts at the parking companies
- ask the parking companies to tell you which of your domains if any are blacklisted on their platforms and add those names to the Above blacklist section
- sit back and relax


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