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27 September auDA's secret plans to affect real auDA members rights


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The CMWG seems to be given a whole lot of auDA Propaganda B.S. that the problem is Whistleblowers ( Those that know the facts and have it on file) ... The Whistleblowers are the majority of auDA voting members who voted FOR removal of Chris Leptos, Sanda Hook and Suzanne Ewart . The voting auDA Members came from every stakeholder group. but of course auDA is trying to make it appear its a fight with just a few people.

The DoCA said current auDA Management and Board are "Not Fit For Purpose" and their is a lack of accountability and transparency about the CEO and Chair roles.....

The DoCA did not call for the removal of any members or for the Corporations Act laws to be changed so that 5% could not call an SGM which some at auDA and their consultants wants .

It seems auDA Management and Chris Leptos have begun a hostile takeover of the CMWG to push through what they want and to continue attacking SGM voters and whistleblowers at every opportunity to try and win over the perhaps less knowledgeable members of the CMWG.
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The plan is auDA and perhaps Ian Hanke it seems want to take out the legal right that 5% of members can call an SGM... ... They want to remove people associated with the SGM... the Whistleblowers / Grumpies / auDA Members / Stakeholders who know too much .. This is the big secret they don't want members to know.
27th September is the next big auDA members meeting they are scheming to announce and we can only guess the B.S. Resolutions auDA will try to put forward via themselves or via the CMWG as a front and use the auDA Management / remaining Board approved stacked invalid 955 members and invalid Supply stacked tainted votes for.

  1. Will auDA remove the 955 stacked members before 27th September or use their invalid and tainted votes?
  2. Will auDA remove Supply Directors Joe Manarit and James Deck before 27th September or use their votes ?
  3. How many other questionable memberships have been rushed through they want to try and use?

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