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Wow PRP member Conflicts of Interest starting to appear publicly

Discussion in 'Domain News' started by DomainNames, Mar 2, 2018.

  1. DomainNames

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    Oct 5, 2010
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    See the attachment.

    Melbourne IT auDA.org.au PRP member admits in their submission attached another new competing .au domain name extension will compete and devalue all existing .au names.

    Do the 3 million existing .domain name owner consumers know this will devalue their investment and rights, business, online presence etc?

    auda.org.au urged Australians to buy, promote and use .com.au not too long ago in the media...

    Is hurting the .au name space and devaluing it good management of the Australian Domain Namespace by auDA.org.au? What are the rights of those who suffer this devaluation caused by auDA contining on against major informed experts submissions and feedback?

    What will be the cost and loss of value to the existing 3 million .au consumers?

    Devaluation means a loss. Have people really been fully informed in surveys and consultations etc? No.


    2015 Names policy panel issues paper, April 2015
    re: MelbourneIT response, prepared by Brett Fenton and Emily Rice

    June 1st, 2015

    Dear Jo,

    Thank you for the opportunity to respond to the published issues paper. The response of the MelbourneIT Group to the specific questions posed are below.

    The MelbourneIT Group is based in and primarily operates within the Australian market, servicing a diverse spectrum of customers ranging from individuals, sole traders and micro business, through to corporates in the ASX 100 and government. The group holds a number of auDA .au registrar accreditations which include MelbourneIT, Netregistry, TPPWholesale and ZipHosting.

    1) Direct registrations in .au

    Do new gTLD’s pose a threat to the .au brand?

    By any textbook definition, any market in which available choices increase and there is a finite number of users will place competitive pressure on existing products. As challenger brands gain acceptance and momentum, the value of the category leader brand is eroded.

    Based on this, and the fact that we are seeing early but steady growth in the numbers of registrations in the new TLD spaces, it is inevitable that over time the value of the .au brand will be eroded."

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