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Why ccTLDs Should Not Be an Automatic Choice for International Websites

Discussion in 'General Domain Discussion' started by James, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. James

    James Membership: VIP

    Sep 9, 2010
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  2. findtim

    findtim Membership: VIP

    Dec 13, 2011
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    auDA Member:
    james, you always post great content, and i always try to take time to read it as i know you don't put worthless content links but this is a waste of time reading, sorry, that guy shouldn't have wasted his time writing it , there's no good info in it and even you don't agree with it.
    that article is a piece of S**T

    the guy has got it all back the front, as i have said " if you are dubbodentist have the .com.au, if your are sydney / cairns / gold coast then have the .com" but if you can ..........sydney / cairns / gold coast ...... have both so you don't have google deciding your destiny.
    thats the whole article, the rest of it is just a waste of space IMO

    i think google has "got it right" right now, they have now focused on countries, geo targeting, and got back to EMD's with VALID local content , panda and penguin cleaned out the rubbish and we are now on the road ahead IMO.
    this article suggesting that ccTlds will not outrank a gtld ( in a pie chart ) is silly, surely everyone knows by now that its CONTENT CONTENT CONTENT and that a cctld HELPS.

    content content.........: something i know you agree with james.