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when you have a brat that turns into a bully you have to look to the parents ! where's DoCA ?
the cmwg need to ACT, well it seems they are and auda aren't happy as they are not getting the answers they want.
as i recall the cmwg was created as a member group that was allowed to be transparent and communicate with other members, stakeholders etc, kinda a conduite to the board ending a membership proposal that chris leptos stated at the sgm would be fully endorsed subject to legals....or words to that effect.

now it seems after 2 open forums , an sgm presentation and a few meetings with the board the money is on ashurst have been working on it all the while !!! and the cmwg has just been smoke and mirrors.
thats not board confidence as auda know none of that has ever been mentioned to me, and just so you know it didn't originate from the cmwg so don't go accusing anyone.

DoCA need to step in and stop all this, or make a public statement from their letterhead and not auda's that they are fine with all this.

the cmwg need stay firm and keep asking the questions like:
are you actually going to pay attention to our suggestion?
any model we suggest is tainted by the 955 so they have to go
we can't have a hand picked nomcom to suggest hand picked director choices and then not even give members a worthless vote anyway.

if auda shut down the cmwg it will just show another example of non transparency, one of the key points in the gov review.

if auda shut down the cmwg i say well done cmwg members, you asked the right questions and the proof is your termination.

is DoCA playing the same game as auda and just ticking the days off till the 955 can vote? funny how we go from <50 new members in may to 955 in june ( which aligns itself to voting ) and the back to < 50 in july no doubt.



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Agree that this badly needs DOCA oversight. I do wonder how the government can write a review stating auDA is simply "not fit for purpose" and needs to be reformed or scrapped, yet it is expected auDA will be able to reform itself without oversight? In my view auDA cannot reform itself in a way which will be long lasting based on what has happened since the review came out.

DOCA should have stepped in the moment the CMWG became tied to auDA's board and phones should have been running hot the minute branch stacking went to crazy new levels.


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The DoCA, Labor, Greens, ACCC, ACMA need to have their own people at every CMWG and auDA Management / Board meeting as observers at least.

"The review’s key finding is that the current management framework is no longer fit-for-purpose. The report recommends reforming auDA’s management framework to support improved transparency, stakeholder engagement, consultation and accountability."

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