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At this time we are temporarily not accepting VIP applications as we are improving the application process so we can make the VIP a better experience for all VIPs.
Any members wishing to become VIPs, an update will be posted on this thread.


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That's the same response I got several years ago :)
Is it because this section is no longer used, or you don't want new people, or you just don't want me, or another reason?

I'd like to be a contributing member of this great community, but having different classes of membership, with VIP only available to the 'elite', with 'new' members having no idea what's going on there and no way of joining them, is not health for the community IMO. Just my 2c worth. ;)


@ttfan. Agree it has been in limbo for a while. There were some discussion among members on criteria for joining so we put it on hold. Once we switched to XenForo which allows for group PMs, it has mostly replaced the need for private areas. We plan to retire a few sections and add a few new ones based on usage, we typically do this in the quiet period over Christmas - New Years, so we'll have an update on this quite soon. Appreciate the feedback :)


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Hi @ttfan - we do have plans to reopen and revamp the membership system, but there were some disagreements between members on criteria to join certain areas, so it was put on hold. Also the group private messaging feature of XenForo that came when we upgraded is now being used as a replacement for private group discussion.

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