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VentraIP announces partnership with Black Lotus for enterprise-grade DDoS protection

Discussion in 'VentraIP.com.au' started by VentraIP, Oct 2, 2012.

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    Sep 23, 2010
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    We just thought we should share this with the DNtrade community, as we feel it's important for our customers to understand that we have the resources available to deal with this type of situation should it arise.


    Black Lotus, a leader in availability security and provider of distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, today announced its partnership with VentraIP Group, one of Australia's fastest growing providers of domain names and Web hosting services. Under the terms of the partnership, Black Lotus provides enterprise-grade DDoS protection to VentraIP's expanding global network.

    VentraIP uses the Black Lotus high-performance carrier network and attack monitoring platform to mitigate DDoS attacks against clients hosted on their network. Earlier this year, VentraIP's clients experienced large-scale DDoS attacks, resulting in network degradation and site downtime. Black Lotus' DDoS mitigation services help decrease turnover and preserve site uptime, preventing lost revenue and drop-off of legitimate traffic.

    "As an Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and an .au Domain Administration (auDA) accredited registrar, our partnership with Black Lotus for DDoS protection is an insurance policy for our clients that gives us peace of mind," said Angelo Giuffrida, chief operating officer of VentraIP. "If an attack of this nature is being made against a client on our network, we now have a plan to mitigate it and allow our network to continue operating for the rest of our customers."

    "We're seeing increasing incidents of DDoS attacks against company websites, both small and large," said Jeffrey Lyon, president of Black Lotus. "VentraIP recognizes the potential risk to its customers, and our partnership allows the company to take the necessary steps to safeguard client sites and in many cases, their companies' livelihoods."

    Black Lotus offers protection against DDoS attacks that typically penetrate slowly enough to bypass other available mitigation solutions. The widely used method of DDoS attack infiltrates the network at the application layer (Layer 7) and mimics acceptable Web traffic behavior, exhausting the resources of servers and resulting in service outages. Black Lotus monitors for this kind of traffic behavior and discerns between legitimate and malicious traffic with an intelligent DDoS mitigation platform, ensuring uptime continuity.

    Following Black Lotus' announcement of its patent-pending Human Behavior Analysis (HBA) technology last month, the company also won two awards recognizing its unique ability to discern between malicious botnet traffic and genuine human visitors to a website.

    About Black Lotus Communications
    Black Lotus Communications is a Los Angeles-based security innovator that pioneered the first commercially viable DDoS mitigation solutions in 1999, weeks after the first known DDoS attacks. These advanced solutions enhance the security posture of small and medium businesses and enterprise clients while reducing capital expenditures, managing risk, ensuring compliance, and improving earnings and retention. Breakthrough developments at Black Lotus include the world's first DDoS protected hosting network, the first IPv6 DDoS mitigation environment, and the first highly effective Layer 7 attack mitigation strategy.

    For more information, visit www.blacklotus.net or follow Black Lotus on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ddosprotection.

    About VentraIP Group
    VentraIP Group is one of Australia's leading ICANN and auDA accredited registrars, providing cheap domain names, low-cost cPanel Web hosting, Xen VPS and Trustwave SSL certificates. The VentraIP Group has grown from an idea to a company having tens of thousands of satisfied customers, with the launch of its US-based arm on the horizon.

    For more information, visit VentraIP Economy - Buy Cheap Domain Names Web Hosting VPS & SSL Certificates Online.