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The Winner Is ..... Both Great Sales

Data Glasses

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So which was was the better sale? Floor/Com for $3,144,000 or Hippo for $3,300,000
I do think "floor: works equally well as a brandable. A "Ground Floor" opportunity ..... thoughts?

Data Glasses

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I see on Tld/Com that Dvds/Com has been picked up for just $10,000 after being sold for $300,000 in 2008. Just goes to show things can change, I did hear of a website based on the phonetic Blackberry Keyboard and Numbers, in this company invested many many thousands of dollars into acquiring names based on the phonetic alphabet. I think at one stage they owned 739/Com which is "SEX" in the phonetic keypad. At least there will always be Floors and hopefully Hippo's .. TasmanianTiger/Com does resolve, looks dated but does resolve.

Data Glasses

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I can't see the market being very big for Hippos whilst nearly everyone has a floor, even though we hold a secret desire to cook African Water Mammals to offset carbon targets.
They taste great on the Barby ........ Don't tell anyone but I still borrow Dvd's from the library, They have a shipload of old movies you can't get anywhere else. Whilst an Insurance Company holds the name Hippo/Com, our beloved "water horse" shall never fade from out memories ......long after they are gone!

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