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The future ?

Discussion in 'General Domain Discussion' started by DnEbook, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. DnEbook

    DnEbook Membership: VIP

    Jun 26, 2008
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    Welcome to this weeks edition of alpha dot weekly , yes it’s a new week already , and as usual many sales and leases to review and report on , as always the star of the show are the ALPHA DOTS and the DOT TEN , Some huge sales again this week show that ever since its inception the alpha dots continue to rise and eliminate any other extension registered on the stock dot !!!!! Not since .solar has there been such interest in a new stock dot ? even then that seems like a small drop in the ocean compared to the action that’s going on with the alphas and the dot ten , so please have fun reviewing the latest sales , news and rumors in this weeks edition of … ALPHA DOT WEEKLY

    This weeks big rumor is that the YR’s are going to make an offer on 3dtv.e , it is suggested that it will be around the 145,000.000 mark ?but my sources say this could not be enough to secure the annual lease ? the owner is reported to have said ‘how can anyone live on a $145,000,000 a year’

    Go figure ? I say . On a personal note I would like to know how the young entrepeneurs make $ 5,000,000 by the age of ten ? (between you and me , I say it’s the implants) but you didn’t hear that here !!!!!

    The news is that this week the .hybrids are going to the luna court in an attempt to secure the .h alpha dot , they say because there are more hycars and hybikes than there are hotels , that they should own the .h domain , well my point of view is ‘where you when we had the world domain vote ‘ we all had the chance to choose the keyword for the alpha domains ? beside I wonder if they are including all the hotels on the moon and the ones they are building on mars ??

    I say ‘build a flyzork and get over it ‘ ….. once again just my opinion folks , remember what happened when .real estate tried to get the .r alpha dot !!!!! I still remember my robotbin saying ‘I’m not cleaning this house ‘ we all know .r is for .robo , next the holograhs will go on strike , so I’ll leave it at that I think

    It seems that domaining will be a vital subject at interschools , but I think let them pass solar science first ???

    The weeks biggest sale reported was 4.a at $ 1,000,000,000. interface have confirmed the sale and note that it was paid for using hydrocash credit , this will be complicated when they try to get their credits back from the government , but their argument is that they are only advertising ‘hydro products’ on a 3d interface ( I’ve heard that one before) but good luck to them !!! Hovercarhire.t was a big surprise at $500, 000, 000 , but they still cost a fortune , so I guess people are just hiring and claiming credits at this point , it’s a good offset against solar tax I’ve heard ? also strange a word domain getting such a high price ? but we all know the acronym belongs to mass dot and they are not selling !!

    On a final note before we go to the weeks sales/lease list , I am still amazed at the rise of .j , it seems there is a lot of junk out there ??? so its true ? one persons junk is another persons joy , ok happy alpha dotting !!!!!! and remember if it aint alpha dot … it’s worth squat

    The top 20 sales and leases go like this

    1 4.a $1,000,000,000 3rd biggest sale this month
    2 bgi.b $678,000 ,000 another win for .b
    2 luv2.i $587,000 ,000 .I still rocks
    4 2bf1.c $565,000 ,000 it seems f1 is still cool
    5 oooo.o $549,000,000 must be a visual thing ?
    6 hovercarhire.t $500,000,000 I still remember words (good to see one again)
    7 1yr.k $499,000,000 annual lease
    8 b2.b $475,000,000 wow another .b sale
    9 bd.a $450,000,000 annual lease
    10 m8.m $ 410,000,000 annual lease
    11 coo.c $399,000,000 I would have prefered coo.l (still available for 5,000,000,000) sale
    12 hap.b $378,000,000 short for housing and property
    13 888.g $375,000 ,000 annual lease
    14 myi.b $301,000,000 said to be short for my internet , yet another .b sale
    15 xes.p $299,000,000 sex backwards ? still a win for .p
    16 x2.v $278,000,000 have you played this game yet ????
    17 b00.e $275,500,000 boo.e went for 520,000,000
    18 vvd.v $274.800,000 virtual video drive (outdated I think)
    19 lll.c $269,000,000 annual lease
    20 j2.j $250,000,000 highest .j sale yet

    IN CASE YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN ALL THE ALPHA KEYWORDS , HERE’S THE LIST AGAIN , but please save them with your touchload after reading , I get so many brain mails regarding these names , I just want to go into orbit (again)

    .a advertising
    .b business
    .c cool
    .d download
    .e entertainment
    .f finance
    .g gamble
    .h hotel
    .I interactive
    .j junk
    .k kids
    .l love
    .m music
    .n news
    .o orbit
    .p porn
    .q question
    .r robo
    .s shop
    .t travel
    .u .uni
    .w work
    .v virtual
    .x xtreme
    .y youth
    .z zoo

    The Dot Ten , THE MOST EXCLUSIVE DOMAINS AVAILABLE EVER only 55 exist and only for the high rollers

    .1 .2 .3 .4 . 5 .6 .7 .8 .9 .10 I am unsure why some people want to change to a dot twenty ?? what next a dot fifty ?

    This week the rumor is that dv have purchased a .2 from sp , a spokesbot from disneyvirtual confirmed that spacepet were willing to sell this stock dot !!!! wait for it …. a whopping 10,000,000,00 , of course disneyvirtual don’t need this stock dot , they already have 11 other stock tens , but when your on a good thing stick with it, their spokesbot said.
    Plus we have .1 and although we receive about 50 offers a week , we will not sell , we hope to buy/lease more

    The 4u corporation continues to make inroads with the addition of p4u (property 4 u) they now have p4u.4 , s4u.4 and i4u.4 ,, they paid 5,000,000,000 for the annual lease and are offering some stock dot options for the outright ownership of this dot ten stock dot , we think cc will go with the annual lease (we all know the trouble colacorp have had recently)
    Hey colacorp stick with the drinks and leave the flybots to someone else (just my opinion) but at least it’s a little bit of revenue for colacorp

    Spacebiz have also secured a .6 stock dot from sp4 as expected sp just couldn’t keep up sales , after all space petrolium is truly a thing of the past ! and as the blues keep saying ‘a clean universe is better universe’ sounds a lot like the green fuels motto to me ? The truly big news is that an investor has finally made their way into the dot ten , this will be the first time a dot ten has not gone to a big corporation , we believe it will be a .9 ? the rumor is that steller radio have taken a huge gamble with their holographic radio venture and they need to set up more relay stations than expected . So my sources tell me an offer has been accepted for 4,000,000,000 annual lease ,,,,,, talk about getting a bargain , the indivual prefers to be known as doc stock dot ……… really, the ego some people have (yes I am jealous)
    some people have all luck !! remember you can touchload all this stuff and read review it later on your interacrive glasses

    Page 2 has all other sales/lease info , there were 4798 sales this week and 1880 leases and 1203 trades , yes the stock dot is here to stay , possibly the only thing we can really rely on in this crazy world …. happy stock dotting !!
  2. stoscano

    stoscano Membership: Community

    Jun 22, 2008
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    You just wasted about 4mins of my time!!
  3. DnEbook

    DnEbook Membership: VIP

    Jun 26, 2008
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    i am sorry you lack imagination ....... poor you
  4. paz

    paz Member

    Jun 17, 2008
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    Alot of wishful thinking :p
  5. DnEbook

    DnEbook Membership: VIP

    Jun 26, 2008
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    it was written just for fun ........ yep wishful thinking , but it's a quick changing world ?

    .... let's hope we have a few alpha dots tucked away !!