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Hi Guys Andy here,

Long time listener first time caller here.

I'm looking to build my own websites and want advice on which platforms to use, I have been looking at wix.com but it seems the free version does not allow me to use my own domains.

I need something that is easy to use (point and click style) as my computer skills and experience are diabolical.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.



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Don't use that as it says the sites are all flash based which will likely hurt your search engine rankings..

Better off getting a webhosting account that has 1 click software installs (fantastico) so you can install wordpress, joomla etc etc


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Many hosting plans include fantastico these days but best to check first - mine includes installatron (like fantastico) where I can install forums, chatrooms, drupal, shops/carts, joomla, wordpress sites & blogs, etc with a few clicks. Then there are thousands of templates / themes on the web which are easy to install & customise.....
You should be able to link your domain to your (free) wix page, but as already mentioned above, I do agree they can hurt your rankings. I steer clear of setting clients up with full flash designs (apart from banners), even though you can get more out of the sites creatively, they just can't be guaranteed to work on all platforms (eg. esp mobile browsing).
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I code all of mine from scratch in HTML. Yeah it's old school and it can take a little longer, but I think the results are worth it.

There are too many sites out there which you can tell straight away are just templated clones, and in my eyes they lose most of their credibility straight away.

I guess it doesn't matter if you're just hunting for adsense clicks; who cares what the site looks like, just get them clicking on my ads! But I like to think that people spend some time checking out my site before they leave - hopefully via an ad click. :)


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I use thesis for wordpress for pretty much everything. Awesome SEO out of the box and if you know html/css you can develop some awesome sites that you would never pick were wordpress sites.


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^ please explain



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I code all of mine from scratch in HTML. Yeah it's old school and it can take a little longer, but I think the results are worth it.
I have also found that sites I have custom coded tend to do better in the SERPs.

But 90% of the time I develop small sites with wordpress because it just more effective and they are easier to maintain.

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i think for dumbos like me you cant go wrong with wordpress , it continues to grow and nearly any forum can offer advice about new plugins that improve your site dramaticly with just a few clicks sometimes

a very good starting point ........... jump in !

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