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Security - Get rid of data to help secure it

Discussion in 'Web Development' started by Christopher, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Christopher

    Christopher Membership: Community

    Jun 13, 2014
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    I was reading this great article on Wordfence about securing website data.
    Its got some great tips,
    "The best way to secure data is to delete it"
    Key points from the article are
    • Backups
    • Credit Card Data
    • User Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
    • Leave it to the (real) experts
    • Delete old data
    The following video interview with Mike, is from Wordfence's Blog.

    For the full article it can be found here: https://www.wordfence.com/blog/2016/03/get-rid-of-data-to-secure-it/
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  2. chris

    chris Administrator

    Mar 7, 2010
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    auDA Member:
    Very cool @Christopher thanks for sharing.

    This is actually a thing that's been getting a lot of traction over the past few years in the tech space. It's at direct odds with the Big Data movement, and what traditional marketers tend to do, which is capture everything.

    It's called "Datensparsamkeit", here's a few links to get started if you're keen:



    I think we'll see forms of this here in the future.
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