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Just launched a new crypto meetup group called Bitcoin Rhodium Australia. You can join via BitcoinRhodium.io
Here is some info about Bitcoin Rhodium and the group...
This focus of this meetup group is the cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Rhodium (XRC), which is an ultra scarce coin with a cap of 2,100,00, which is one tenth of that of Bitcoin. It is not a fork of BTC, but rather, has its own unique, open source blockchain. XRC is proof of work minable, using the X13 algorithm.

The initial distribution of Bitcoin Rhodium was done via airdrop to Bitcoin holders who signed up to receive it, at a ratio of 10 XRC per 1 BTC, with a maximum of 5000 XRC per participant.

Investors in XRC are incentivised to hold via the Strong Hands program, whereby wallet addresses with no negative movements during a quarter are awarded dividends. This initiative will continue for the next eight years.

Bitcoin Rhodium has exciting future developments in store, including anonymisation features and partnerships with the precious metal market.

XRC has been accepted by Trezor hardware wallets and its storage on their devices will be an option after their next software update. In the meantime, XRC can be held on the official web wallet or the electrum wallet.

Bitcoin Rhodium was recently listed on CoinMarketCap and is currently trading on P2Pb2b, Trade Satoshi, Bisq and Sistemkoin exchanges.

For more information about XRC and to keep up with the latest developments, visit the official website BitcoinRh.org (https://www.bitcoinrh.org) and follow on Twitter @BitcoinRh (https://twitter.com/BitcoinRh)

You can also follow Bitcoin Rhodium Australia on Twitter @XrcAustralia (https://twitter.com/XrcAustralia)

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