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Melbourne Melbourne Melbourne, Winner Winner Winner !!!

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Yes it's true! Melbourne is the nations' undisputed leader! We have the Melbourne Demons in the Afl Grand Final and the Melbourne Storm setting themselves' for yet another go at the Nrl Grand Final. Now we have the City of Melbourne, world record holder for the most locked down city in the world! Oh what a grand accolade we have all begrudgingly achieved without one once of resentment. In celebration of 245 days in Lockdown and with some sporadic curfews thrown in for good measure and to keep us in line! (No we can't possibly forget the curfews) I believe at this point we should instantly divert all unnecessary bike lane funding towards a mammoth Memorial Wall being about, oh let's say 5km in length. (A popular length of distance) The sign off for the project should be done by an anonymous and unaccountable Government Offical, destined to lie through their teeth to the follow up inquiry. and claim to hold absolutely no knowledge of this historic legislation or how it could have ever eventuated? But wait there's more! Our glorious new Memorial Wall shall encompass all the names of the unfortunate souls of the affected area being the City of Melbourne's Population. Approximately 5,000,000 hapless souls , all of who have forgotten what a walk under the moonlight is like? Or a simple swim in a public pool or a beer with their mates at the park or in a pub! The tears of the children unable to use the playgrounds should be harvested and used for cloning so the legacy of our suffering never dies! This magnificent new brick and mortar monument to our collective degradation should be strategically placed adjacent to the Princess Highway-Geelong Road. So in the future (But not after 9pm till 5am) when the holiday starved international tourist's return, they will now have an extra attraction to visit on their way to a wrong side of the road crash along The Great Ocean Road. As they uncontrollably weep, same as we all have, many will be able to ride The Big Wheel to shake off their mounting despair, who knows? Perhaps they will be able to sight the good ole Wheel's Previous location? We can only dare to dream then we can only hope that an unimagined earthquake of dangerous magnitude erupts up out of nowhere on a day when the protestors shame our fallen soldier's historic shrine, with scant regards to the significance of the hard fought bloodied history behind it's coming to be. Then as we return from Dan Murphy's to consume our despair, it suddenly occurs to us all, we haven't even worked out our Afl Grand Final multiple Quaddie! Most points? first goal? winning margin? Norm Smith Medal? When the big game might return to the M.C.G? ..... oh what a dilemma, or exactly how much will we get back if we only get three of the four selections correct? I can only pray it will be enough to pay and feed the pets ..... oh please oh mighty and merciful Gambling Gods have pity on thee. Anyways if that hasn't chirped you up a little now that we have grasped the record on such a glorious day, please enjoy just a little more reflection of our moment in time humble existence via Bad Taste Tales

Data Glasses

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No ....such despair cannot be successfully replicated by code alone, the shit you do to give away a free ebook .... ho hum it's spring!!!

Data Glasses

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Two minute update, there's a new documentary on the New Romantic bands of the 1980's on Youtube. That should see me through to Nov 2nd ......and beyond

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