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i hate facebook !

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by findtim, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. findtim

    findtim Membership: VIP

    Dec 13, 2011
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    auDA Member:
    i have a facebook account, WHY? just so i can see what it does and no other reason, i don't visit it i just get loads of notifications from it, i think i currently have @ 200+ friend wannabies notifications, and for any one who's met me there is no way another 200 people want to be my friend !

    and lets clarify "friend" to me it seems that classification is far more regulated then the average facebook user ! i'll give you and example, my cousin tom who i vaguely remember !! yep, he's on my mums side and we hardly ever visited them + he was @ 10 years older then me so an 8 year old and a 18year old arent gonna form a bond based on every 2 years visited for 3 days !!!!!!! but he wants to be my friend ?
    last time i recall meeting him he tried to teach me how to drive ! i was 8 years old and could hardly touch the peddles of the manual shitty car and also be able to see over the dash through the window, SOOOO his bright idea was to pick a safe place for me to drive in.........

    looking back i do not think that my uncles water soaked pumpkin patch was a good idea ? LOL and we soon found out i was correct ! when i drove this little shitty car straight through the pumpkin patch destroying half the crop straight into a barbed wire fence .

    OHHHH, it just came back to me, it was a "hunter hillman" , YEP, thats the one, shit.......... it might actually be THE one ?

    well a few hours later we managed to get the car untangled and i didn't hear anything after that as we left town as usual.
    and i have seen this guy ( cousin ) in all that time.

    but , i had a birthday last week and my email went wild with people saying happy birthday and i have touched base with some GREAT old friends, friends in canada, england, usa etc that i haven't touched base with for @ 20+ years.

    thats the great thing about facebook, but i don't have to chat with them everyweek and i don't have to get a notification that they know someone who knows someone that knows someone else !!!!!!!!!

    AND yes, i can turn off the notifications BUT WHY do i have to do it, it should be "opt in" not "opt out" imo

    so in the end...........i hate facebook and i have been talking to people and without my opinion many people are now saying they are over the concept as well, the CONSTANT PUSH has just become tiresome.