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HTC Integrating Full Bitcoin Node Into New Smartphone


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This looks very interesting from HTC, one to watch!

The underdog smartphone maker HTC continues to carve out territory in the largely uncharted decentralized internet. Instead of competing directly against giants like Apple and Samsung that have thrived within the current internet paradigm of centralized servers and walled gardens...


The Exodus 1s, a cheaper, more sophisticated descendent of the Exodus 1 launched last year, will be the first smartphone capable of running a full bitcoin node out of the box. By making it easier for more people to validate bitcoin transactions and blocks, the phone has the potential to increase the resilience of the bitcoin blockchain.

Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/michae...node-into-surprise-smartphone-for-the-masses/


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Reminds me a bit of new tlds where less than 1% of the market would ever be interested, still it is probably worthwhile for them to try to get some kind of market share.

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The range of current smart phones are at their peak, until the Holo Phone comes along there is only so much that can be offered, including this tech in the current crop may be the front runner of things to come,

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