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Expanding the membership base

Discussion in 'Domain News' started by snoopy, Dec 15, 2017.


Do you think AUDA needs to expand the membership base?

  1. No

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  2. Yes

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  3. Unsure

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  1. snoopy

    snoopy Membership: VIP

    Jul 14, 2010
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    Coming out of the government review yesterday I think a major issue is the size of the membership base,

    49 supply members
    254 demand members

    AUDA has absolutely failed in this regard and the only genuine membership drive has come from members. I believe AUDA is work against an expansion,

    Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 10.25.14 am.png

    The membership base should be 10 times the size it is now. 3000 members instead of 300! It needs a massive expansive, a dramatic rethink on how they get members.

    This would have a number of positive effects
    • Would significantly reduce the effect of branch stacking
    • Would involve more people in the organisation
    • Would result in more diverse viewpoints (e.g. if more small business people joined)
    AUDA should be doing everything they can to expand member numbers right now, not waiting for government to tell them it is a problem. The problem is obvious and everyone except AUDA seems to see the problem.