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Contested Domains Feature at Drop


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Hi All,

Just a quick update that we have launched a new feature at Drop to help our clients get ready for direct .au registrations. The Contested domains page lists all your domains at Drop, their create date and most importantly all the other extensions that are classified as either Category 1 and Category 2 domains that may be eligible to also claim the direct .au domain.

You can find a link under the Domain top navigation drop down link.

This is an initial beta release, and soon we plan to release an updated version that will drill deeper in the the various extensions if they are classified as either Category 1 or Category 2 and also if any of them can be used to contest your own claim for the direct .au domain extension.

The data is currently updated once a month, so any domains registered in the current month or transferred to Drop in that month will not have any data until the next update which is as the start of each month.

If you are currently not using Drop for the domain registrations, this might be a great incentive to transfer them over and take advantage of this great new feature.



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Can you actually surface the data about whether competing domains are C1?

I've got quite a few names showing no match at registry where I know there is a competing domain from manual search.

Handy feature nonetheless.


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Hi The next update to this page will show what each domain is, if Category 1 or Category 2.

So will be a lot easier to use once this update is released.


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Hi All,

Just an update, Category 1 and Category 2 are now nicely split up and in separate columns for easier reference.

Use your own domain create date data point to determine if you are also in category 1 or in Category 2.

Next planned update will show the order of Category 2, only needed if you there are no Category 1 or if the Category 1 owner does not opt for the .au


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Just a quick update that you can claim your .au names via the Contested feature page in your Drop account.
Note that any new .au domains registration that are not contested are registered instantly, however there is a delay to propagate these domains and can take 1 working day to go live which is something that auDA and Afilias are working to rectify.

New registrations are also open for brand new domains.


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Are you charging customers a registration fee to express their interest in contested category 1 domain names?


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Drop currently does support contested domains. However our recommendation is to hold off on claiming a contested domain token, as this only places you in an adverse position of telling all others that you are interested in the .au and for them to hold you to ransom for their rights. You have 6 months to claim your token rights and doing so early is disadvantageous. The later you claim the better.

Token cost for that is the same as your com.au registration cost.
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