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Call for Crackdown on Dodgy SEO Consultants


I came across this article today, good to see someone talk about this.

Small business ombudsman Kate Carnell is calling on businesses to come forward with their SEO horror stories in a bid to convince the competition watchdog to examine dodgy conduct in the industry.

Carnell says consultants are giving small businesses a raw deal, over-promising and under-delivering, prompting dozens of business owners to complain they’ve been ripped off.

“We’ve seen SEO companies almost taking ownership of websites at the beginning of contracts, then permanently closing them when the contract is over,” Carnell tells SmartCompany.


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Probably mostly from offshore?

I would say yes definitely, but I think you can add a few Australian companies to the list. Educating clients on what SEO is - is half the battle. Have come across a people who have paid for SEO that only included "submitting to search engines" and installing an SEO plugin.

Have seen similar articles this week, I suppose if it raises awareness it's a good thing.


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this has a flow on affect with my web design ( i do not do SEO or offer it ) [ i say i can recommend some people if they want and thats it] but rarely do they want SEO.
BUT the initial tarnish I have to get over as we are all tarred with the same brush !

new domain owners state what their MATES have told them their experiences , website redo clients say " i've been ripped off before"

i have to explain web design is NOT SEO, its like a car mechanic and a car spray painter ! 2 completely different people.

perhaps kate should also look into some other things small businesses may be concerned with in the future !!!


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