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Hell has no fury like an ex-Chair scorned.

Did auDA’s former CEO Cameron Boardman “mislead” the organisation about his educational qualifications when he originally applied for the job?

This article written by David Swan in today’s Australian is behind a paywall, but here is one quote to give you the sense of the article.

In a letter to Mr Boardman seen by this newspaper, independent chairman Chris Leptos -alleged the then-CEO falsified his academic record by including a master of laws degree (LLM) from La Trobe University.

I've written an article about this on Domainer today, and in it I raised these questions:

  • Who were the original directors that recommended he should apply for the CEO position, and then vouched for him?
  • What happened to the recruitment process? Surely for such an important role, there would have (or should have) been rigorous checks?
  • When such rumours and allegations were first aired over a year ago, what did the current Board do about it?
  • At the time of his appointment, auDA put out this news release. Apart from the LLM issue that The Australian now raises, it is my belief that at that time Boardman was also not a “Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors’ course”.
  • If the auDA Board were aware of all these issues, then why did they pay him a year’s salary and give him a trip to Malaysia? This again from The Australian:

Documents seen by The Australian show auDA paid Mr Boardman a full 12 months’ salary and paid for him to attend a conference in Malaysia.



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IMG_5870.JPG You beat me to it, Ned!
Full article attached.

  • Current auDA Directors were involved in the recruitment and selection of Mr Boardman. They failed in their responsibilities to select an appropriate and qualified CEO.
  • They did not perform adequate due diligence on the research and reporting of the recruitment firm they engaged.
  • They (at least publicly) did nothing regarding rumours regarding Boardman's qualifications (as Ned points out)
  • They sided with Mr Boardman only months ago when Mr Leptos raised the matter at Board level (leading Mr Leptos to walk out and resign immediately)
  • According to the article, they gave him a payout that would've been $400K+ and a trip to Malaysia. This is grossly inappropriate.

There is only one course of action from here.

There is at least a prima facie case to be made that the auDA Board has been dangerously close to failing to uphold its duties under The Corporations Act 2001.

Long standing directors involved in all of these processes should not wait for the outcomes of the upcoming Nomination Committee process, but resign immediately.

Bacon Farmer

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I hate it when I see Victorian liberal party members fight.

This is the guy that allowed the foreign employees of a company contracted to auDA (who shared a single email address) dominate the last auDA AGM.


Bacon Farmer

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A yearly salary of $400,000 to manage how many staff? (15?)

Surely that salary to staff ratio is some kind of embarrassing record.

That point alone deserves closer examination. Who approved such as generous package? Were there commercial type incentives?

Were they in Australia's best interest?

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