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auDA public consultation - missing key consultation points

Discussion in 'Domain News' started by Bacon Farmer, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. Bacon Farmer

    Bacon Farmer Membership: VIP

    Jan 21, 2009
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    I went to the auDA policy consultation in Brisbane the other day and it made me realise a few things.

    There were a number of "Key Consultation Issues" on the agenda for consultation.

    There were key issues missing from that agenda.

    The reason for those items missing is due to the game playing of auDA.

    The response when I raised this was not welcomed, it was played down.

    We welcome your feedback - BULLSHIT!

    If it's not on the agenda, you don't want it discussed. You don't want the spotlight shone on this major issue.

    This is the Australian organisation that had to be cajoled into even holding consultation in more than 3 Australian cities (Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney). This is the organisation charged with communicating these changes to the Australian public.

    The key issue of the consultation should have been the watering down of eligibility rules for .au registrations. The proposed rules which haven't been debated and haven't even been properly announced, are to let anyone with an Australian presence qualify to get a ".au" domain say scammer.au and at the same time tightening the rules for .com.au. The proposed eligibility rules are vastly different but the reputations are linked.

    This will as history has shown (.info etc) lead to the diminishing of the Australian domain space by undermining the massive level of trust built up over the last few decades.

    The willingness of auDA to sweep this key issue under the table is absolutely disgusting and points to the capture of the board by vested interest, commercial vested interests.

    No reason in favour of direct registrations holds water.


    It comes down to typing less letters into the address bar and selling more domains.

    The cost will be the destruction of the trust captured in the Australian domain space.

    What do you think?
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