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auDA and PRP plans could affect 90,000 + existing .au registrants rights and investments


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The auDA PRP has stated they know at least 90,000 existing .au domain name Consumers will have problems and "conflicts" if another .au extension is brought in and people have to fight for eligibility, rights or claims for it.

Has auDA and the PRP at any time contacted those 90,000+ existing .au domain name registrant parties to provide them full information or even advise them of the PRP meetings, reviews, surveys, suggestions and proposals? No they have not. Why not?

How many of those parties will be detrimentally affected?

How many of them are already detrimentally affected just by auDA the the PRP creating such instability and uncertainty already?

How can people confidently invest in those 90,000 business with such uncertainty auDA and the PRP has created?

How many of them will join a Class Action lawsuit against auDA and the auDA Directors?

Why is auDA and their PRP refusing to release the public PRP meeting audio so full accountability and transparency can be checked by all stakeholders and Government.

Read what an auDA PRP member and past auDA Directors wrote ( attached)

John Swinson
Chair, 2017 Policy Review Panel

7 April 2018

Notice of resignation from the 2017 Policy Review Panel

Dear Mr Swinson,

I no longer have confidence that the Panel can proceed in a manner that is in the best interests of the Australian internet community.

Therefore, I formally advise you of my resignation from the Panel.

The Panel does not adequately represent the interests of the Australian internet community. The size and composition of the Panel is entirely inappropriate for a policy review of this scale and significance. The lack of business representation on the Panel is unacceptable. The underrepresentation on the Panel has also been further exacerbated by the recent departure of Paul Zawa.

I am greatly concerned that the Panel lacks objectivity, and that stakeholder feedback is being overwhelmingly overlooked in favour of personal views held by some Panel members.

As reflected in the 16 March 2018 Panel meeting minutes, I tabled a series of concerns that numerous people had raised with me, about Panel member interactions with stakeholders and the consultation process to date. In my opinion, many of these concerns have validity.

Many of the policy reforms being pushed for by the Panel are in direct opposition to the majority views expressed by stakeholders; and should these reforms be implemented, then a large number of stakeholders’ concerns will ultimately be realised.

I cannot in good conscience be a participant in a policy reform process that lacks proper representation and objectivity; and that is highly likely to result in negative impacts on a large number of stakeholders in the Australian community.

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of the 2017 Policy Review Panel; and for the professional manner in which you have Chaired the Panel.
Luke Summers"


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