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adwords scams


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not just google but facebook etc.

this is OLD news but it came up today with a client who is investing in facebook ads and maybe google ads.
the reality is even though this has been going on since google started adwords virtually NOTHING has been able to be done about it.

websites doing adsense and then programming to click the ads at random to generate checks from google.
seriously !!! what does google care? they get paid 50cents and give 15 cents to the scammer, win win for them.

sound familiar? the scam has been going on for hundreds of years, i'd be looking very closely at any company offering this service and fine tune your ads.
i have adsense on some of my sites, make next to nothing as its not important but am fascinated when an advert for a melbourne business shows on my cairns website !

like i said, OLD news



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The other thing to educate your clients on. The Google partner logo, the three little dots are javascript verification, you need to hover on that to pop up the legit use of the logo. I've see many sites that show it, and its just a darn screen grab or icon. A Google through the partner search, and discovered they are not even in there.

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