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I got a Flippa site the other day. It was pretty cheap. It has a PR2 and Alexa 6,500,000... (supposedly).

As is, the content runs on a memejacker and the idea is to seo it and get enough traffic to earn money off the google ads and amazon affiliates.

So I am not thinking that a Meme site is really going to generate much revenue. Or is it? Any ideas for meme monetization would be appreciated.

Another idea I had was maybe some more targeted affiliate featured ads, like turn it into a shopfront with decent affiliate items.

Also another idea I had was to change the content over to something more along the lines of graphics arts or photography etc. Maybe even offer a services.

I would really value what people think about this.

Goto: jrpics.com



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Apart from the obvious Adsense and Amazon, look further into selling meme affiliate products perhaps from Cafepress or whatever sites that do meme items? You probably need critical mass traffic to really see good monetization out of it. just trial and error and see what works


Thanks, yeah I was thinking along those lines for a while.

perhaps from Cafepress or whatever sites that do meme items?

Yer, I only laughed at meme stuff before, never really go into it.

The site has some cleaver hooks like, it looks just like Pinterest, and all those sites. It is based on the success that sex.com had when they changed over to the Pinterst style. And it allows repins and all that.

Just want to think about it a bit before getting too many links.


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