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100 Questions

Discussion in 'General Domain Discussion' started by findtim, Apr 8, 2019.

  1. findtim

    findtim Membership: VIP

    Dec 13, 2011
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    auDA Member:
    I have been speaking to many people and we all seem to say / ASK the same questions of this PRP report, what i find missing is the "what if" , "what when" questions that the reports brings up.

    so please add to this list of problems i see facing auDA if any of this goes ahead ( and i haven't complete my list)

    what if i own a domain since 2000 and it has a NSW BN number and not my ABN ? do I need to pay for a COR?

    I switched to the ABN when ASIC said but I didn't change my domain details, but I thus no longer need the BN as it was all handled under the ABN so how do I now update it?

    Do I really have to spend time proving i am who i am to get a COR done?

    How long will this PROOF process take?

    Can auda handle the number of phone calls they will have if this is implemented?

    Can auda AFFORD the processing of the number of approvals to change based on various criteria of breaking the NEW rules?

    Will there be any warning by auda before deletion? if history is a judge then the answer is no.

    Will known domainers be targeted first? don't forget they KNOW what you own !

    what is the cost to a web developers clients to sort this mess out?

    what is the cost to small business that do not have a reliable web designer WITH knowledge of how to fix it.

    ---------------- you see where i am heading so i'll stop, I think there is FAR more then 100 questions need to answer that haven't been considered before they go and delete peoples domain names.

    didn't they learn anything from Jim?


    ring ring ring.............. PETER MY SITE HAS DISAPPEARED !!!!! , whats going on?
    "haven't a clue i'll check...................shit mate, it seems its been deleted, ?" ( remember when you had to have a registered business name to own the domain name back in 2000 and then they change it to just "close and substantial so we didn't bother to renew that BN as we didn't need it anymore and then ASIC change to ABN based WELL now they have changed the rules and blindly deleted your domain name through no compliance to the new rule which they didn't warn us about.........."

    "WELL FIX IT"...........NOW

    they then phone the registrar who says phone auda

    "WHO the *^^* is auda? "

    ....."hello auda"

    " my clients domain has been deleted and ...........bla.........bla.......bla"

    " sorry mate, it's gone, they didn't meet the criteria "

    "WHAT criteria, they have owned it for 20 YEARS ! "

    and then the mess continues.

  2. Bacon Farmer

    Bacon Farmer Membership: VIP

    Jan 21, 2009
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    101. Does Dee Madigan know she is being used by the liberal cabal that run auDA?