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  1. J sold!

    Lol Snoop, do you ever get sick of being a know all f***wit?
  2. J

    Poker Sites

  3. J

    $133,000 sale!

    Looks like they are going to drop ! lmao One day I will do something right :D
  4. J

    $133,000 sale!

    Any value Hey Crew, Love the fact that these domains are going for such great numbers, which got me thinking, if these names are fetching such a price would there be any value at all in similar .com domains but with a hyphen "au" etc..such as:
  5. J

    Hi All, There is a quite bit of information starting to come out about a Vietnamese Fruit called Gac Fruit. It is extremely high in antioxidents etc, etc, etc (e.g.70 x more Lycopene than Tomatoes). So I thought why not see if the domain names were available now if/when the info hits Aussie...
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    accommodation website

    Hi All, Just wanted to get some feedback on an idea I have to develop a site for the accommodation industry. I have the domains & and would like to develop a site that allows accommodation complexes to show not just pics but short promo videos highlighting their...
  7. J

    What a great day!

    3 apparent crap domains I own have been sold to end users today. - $800 - $750 - $1450 I'm going to the
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    .com transfer

    Hi, I have just sold a .com domain to and end user who is not a member of Ventra IP, I submitted an e-ticket and asked how I go about it and I was told that I just need to change the contact details over to the new owner? They also said that they would need to have access to my account...
  9. J

    Hi, Just received an offer of $400 for the above domain I picked up off the drop a while that too cheap or should I take it and run? Really appreciate any help or guidance anyone can offer. Cheers, Jason
  10. J 'scam'

  11. J ?

    Hi, What's the story with ? The .org seems to be hugely popular in the US but we don't seem to register them here, is there a legality or something I don't know about surrounding domains? Any advice would be very greatly appreciated. :confused:
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    Google PPC v's Everyone Else

    Hi, Everything I read about PPC marketing seems to be built around Google PPC and for good reason I am sure. Surely the other search engines (Yahoo, MSN, Bing etc) are able to offer reasonable results through their PPC options also? Am I missing something, is Google the only one I should be...
  13. J do you monetize them?

    Hi All, I have an idea for a business Forum but I am unsure as to how I can monetize it...if there is a way at all? I understand that you could sell advertising space etc.....but are there any other options? At the end of the day I suppose I need to know if there is any money in
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    So embarrassing - Wordpress

    Hi All, Sorry to annoy the seasoned professionals with this but I really need help. I have download Wordpress, built my first website and am ready to publish it to the Web the hell do I publish it to my domain only with out the wordpress bit at the end? How do I get it from...
  15. J

    miss spelt domains

    Is there any point buying/holding strong misspelt domain names? Seems Google has made it worthless? I have, but doesn't seem to be any point in owning it now?
  16. J

    my, i, e or not?

    What is thought about the practise of putting i, e, my, etc, in front of very strong single or double keywords. Especially geo domains and domains that end with .com, .net, etc?
  17. J

    Link domains to a website

    Hi All, Sorry for all the posts of late, but I am keen to do this properly and I appreciate all the help and advice offered. Q - I have a number of finance based domains that are sitting doing nothing and I do not really want to develop them at this stage. So... If I have a personal webpage...
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    Recipe & Cooking Domains

    Hi All, I have been trying to work out how to monetize a recipe or food site apart from adsense. Does anyone have any experience monetizing such a site? Appreciate any help :)
  19. J

    Hosting a Number of Sites

    Hi, I have 5-6 mini sites that I am soon going to launch and I am now wondering what the best method of hosting is. Do I need each domain name hosted individually or are there hosting options that allow me to host a number of websites for a one of annual fee. Eventually I intend to have over a...
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    What to do with

    Hi Guys, Wanting to develop the domain above (3600 exacts) into a mini site or adsense page. Any ideas how to monetize this to it's best potential? Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)