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  1. shags38 vs for eCommerce - is there a difference?

    Hello, I am trying to ascertain for certain if a domain is treated differently to a domain for an eCommerce site given that all else is equal, i.e. does ccTLD hierachy come into play as far as search engines are concerned - if a domain was available in that had a suitable...
  2. shags38

    Checking for Penalties attached to Expired Domains

    What is the best method or procedures for checking whether an expired domain has any penalties attached to it, whether they be manual spam penalties or algorithm penalties? Thanks in advance, Mike
  3. shags38

    Need a non-cPanel host - pay by month

    Hi - I have a specific requirement for a non-cPanel host where I can pay by the month without paying for whole year - any recommendations?
  4. shags38

    anyone having problems with PayPal on VentraIP hosted sites

    Hi, for those with eCommerce site(s) hosted with VentraIP - is anyone having any recent PayPal error issues? Since the migration to their new server platform I have 9 sites that cannot connect to PayPal - no-one can make payments so I am missing out on a truckload of business. Anyone else...
  5. shags38

    Has anyone used the Google Disavow Links Tool yet?

    What if any results has anyone had after having used the Disavow Tool? cheers, Shags
  6. shags38

    Hyphenated Domains and on effect SERP's - quote from Google

    The following is a response from John Mueller of Google to a question raised at SMX Israel 2013 (Search Marketing Expo) I post this in the hope it may be beneficial to those that had any doubts about the use of 'Hyphenated' domains and their effect in SERP's. Matt Cutts in a video recently...
  7. shags38

    EMD's and Hyphenated Domains

    No doubt most are aware of the recent purge on EMD's by Google. All sorts of gloom and doom was spouted at the time albeit careful reading of Matt Cutts comments said they targeted 'poor quality' sites with EMD's. In other words the spammy one pagers and the like. I myself had only recently...
  8. shags38

    Jewellery site links exchange

    Looking to exchange links with other Jewellery sites. cheers, Shags
  9. shags38

    Setting 'Target Audience' for dot Com domains

    With dot com domains hosted here in Australia that you want to be seen by a 'Global' audience, in WMT in settings for the domain should the domain 'target audience' be set at 'not listed' or is there another way to do it? I cannot find an explanation from Google as to what should be set for...
  10. shags38

    Deleting BackLinks (disavowing)

    I can only assume a couple of my sites have been hit by 'Penguin' and rightly so given the new algorithm - I have/had many thousands of links going to the sites in question from my own sites of totally unrelated subject matter. Not quite link farming but close enough as far as Google is...
  11. shags38

    Let's Exchange Domain Related Links

    LOL LOL LOL this thread is older than Moses - I need to check dates before replying
  12. shags38

    Let's Exchange Domain Related Links cheers, Shags
  13. shags38

    New and Original Content-eCommerce sites

    It appears Panda wants us to have fresh new and original content on our websites to rank well, or so as not to be penalized. If you have a site which is eCommerce selling widgets, aside from product description which is similar/the same except one widget is red, another blue and so on, how can...
  14. shags38

    Links Page(s) - OK or not post Penguin

    Is having a "Links" page on your site listing outbound links a good idea or not post Penguin (was it ever? :) ). If it is OK what is the best way to structure such a page so as to be as crawler friendly as possible and still be effective?? cheers, Shags
  15. shags38

    "" domains - Host in Australia or not?

    Hi Guys - just wondering if it is advantageous to have "(topic)" domains hosted in Australia or doesn't it matter? Target country is set with Google as Australia. cheers, Shags
  16. shags38

    Site Loading Speed HELP !!!

    Hi guys, I am having loading speed issues with 2 sites of mine. I have done tests on with very concerning results. Both sites are on the same server at GoneDaddy in the U.S., both have "first byte"times in excess of 5 seconds and Document and Total Upload times in excess of 11...
  17. shags38

    Post Panda & Penguin SEO Questions

    I originally submitted this in the SEO Forum at ZenCart as a couple of my sites are ZenCart eCommerce sites. References to Product Info pages means the page that contains the product details coming from categories menu/category/sub-category/product list/product info page. I see relevance in...
  18. shags38

    Affiliate Marketing - Questions re setting up

    Many thanks for the response and advice about researching White Label - I found a great article on SeoMoz that covered it all. cheers, Mike
  19. shags38

    Keywords - How does Google measure them

    As you are probably aware I had an issue with a couple of my sites with respect to keyword density. Having tried to sort that out I have become a little bemused about (1.) what Google sees as keywords, (2.) how it determines keyword density and most importantly (3.) what influence / control a...
  20. shags38

    Penguin hypothetical

    Say Google zapped a site through its Penguin update for excessive keyword density. Hypothetically speaking if the content of the zapped site was re-worked to be absolutely within the guidelines and the new "clean, white hat" content was then published and re-launched under a different domain...