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    40% of consumers are unaware that Google Adwords are adverts | Econsultancy Interesting its not higher?
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    Netfleet has been wonderful. The guys are great and the service to the industry fantastic. However in one question, maybe a few (that "will" get me in trouble) and I've been thinking it for months What on earth is this newish site? If it isn't broken in a relatively new industry why change...
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    He showed us something to do with Dinosaurs In fairness I think that was an example of what he owned at one stage. Please remind of something Snoopy. We would have our faith back.........................:o
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    You have to be joking Maybe someones Daddy didn't love them enough as I don't see anything negative about this. The comms from the sales on home and land packages would pay for the name very quickly. Its a great thing for the industry in general and once again shows the complete lack...
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    45 billion apps to smartphones and tablets last year

    More than 45 billion apps were downloaded to smartphones and tablets last year, Gartner estimates, and that number is set to skyrocket to 81 billion this year. It’s a figure that has traditional game-makers taking note and long-time gamers swapping game controllers to hold the phone. It’s also...
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    UK Retail Faces Virtual Future or Real Demise Easier than us writing it
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    Take Search for Joyride You'd have to be pretty ballsy to register the dot com dot au More interesting everyday
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    Guardian to launch Australian digital edition

    As James mentioned earlier today Facebook has "come out". That's his domain so I'll leave that alone. However what is interesting Chris C thanks for your stock facts...
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    For anyone holding DJ and Myer stock This would be worth a read The above mentioned companies don't have a good online offering and they too have missed the beat of a generation IMHO. 5 years ago would never have thought of HMV going bust. I...
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    Yeah Good Luck and Goodbye.
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    Apple Hits 40 Billion App Milestone Success has Many Fathers, Failure has none. Well Done Mr Jobs Plus a story telling of the difficulty of not being in the 10%
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    10-online-marketing-trends-for-2013,7141cd074560c310VgnCLD2000000dc6eb0aRCRD.html We guess the other point is buy a good domain name.
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    This is called progress Those of you with parked domains that are making less and less every year as the next generation moves on Don't bother reading it. You;re prob too busy being positive somewhere else. Kids...
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    10-marketing-trends-for-2013 Pretty much sums it up Happy New Year PS Tim you should get that God domain for Snoopy as a Xmas present :D
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    Hi Netfleet Could someone please explain to me why isn't in the top 10 at a sale price of $13k as I've been in wayback and I can see it listed just the other day? It should be listed there and also sent to DN Journal I would have thought?? Regards:confused:
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    Apps Apps and more Apps The numbers of tablets sold around the world is staggering. You can read all about it next week on our blog.
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    Gambling Industry Bets Virtual Money Turns Real Merry Christmas Everyone
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    Australia has highest tablet take-up in the world Very good to see even though we have a population smaller than California.
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    Now this is worth a read
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    Google Shutting more useless services If they didn't have android .................................????????????????? The mind boggles as they become a knowledge graph just where that share price could go in 12 months. Mobile Devices being their only saviour And some...