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  1. ttfan

    Google Search Tweets about Domain Names in SERPs

    I thought they were useful in seeing which results came from the same site. Matching icons is a lot quicker than checking URLs.
  2. ttfan

    Google Search Tweets about Domain Names in SERPs

    It seems the favicons are gone again, but the domain remain. Google is probably still testing the impact of the changes.
  3. ttfan

    auDA Elected Directors

    Why were only 3 directors elected, I though there were 4 open positions?
  4. ttfan

    auDA Elected Directors

    The six candidates are: Christopher Norris Tania Fryer Alec Bashinsky Richard Brooks Sandra Davey Angelo Guiffrida
  5. ttfan

    auDA Elected Directors

    I wonder what's based on too little information to make an informed choice, or not voting at all?
  6. ttfan

    auDA Elected Directors

    I'm surprised there hasn't been more discussion on the candidates. I was hoping to get some more details on the individuals, to help me choose who to vote for. Who are people's top choices?
  7. ttfan

    emoji support with .au domains

    With the new release of .au, would it be worthwhile to support emoji domains? Since very few extensions support it, it seems like an opportunity for .au to increase popularity?
  8. ttfan

    The rising popularity of .Com in Australia

    Personally I tend to trust more than .com. Also when Googling just for local results, it's not uncommon to include the , which would exclude .com from the results. Some businesses may want to show they're Australian owned because that's their strength... for example those that...
  9. ttfan

    Will domain investors buy .au?

    For those people here that invest in domains, and hold a significant portfolio, are you likely to buy the equivalent .au of your if it becomes available?
  10. ttfan

    Keyword Alerts

    I wonder if Drop will consider a keyword alert system, similar (but better) than what netfleet is offering? What annoys me about the netfleet keyword alert is that it only matches words after it splits up the domain name into words that it knows, so if there are unknown words or acronymn in the...
  11. ttfan

    Telstra and the "Belong" Brand

    Amazing... the word 'energy' in both domains clearly sets it apart from a communication company. The word Belong is also a common dictionary word, so I really can't see the case for Telstra... they must have good lawyers!
  12. ttfan

    auDA EGM

    So what were the vote numbers?
  13. ttfan

    WHY the 955 must go.

    If that's all you're trying to do, then there is no need for your continuous sarcasm and digs at people. I actually find your posts very useful, but the continuous sarcasm, belittling and digs is very annoying and distracting. I certainly appreciate that you're not the only one doing this, and...
  14. ttfan

    WHY the 955 must go.

    Wow, you've done your research, great effort Scott!
  15. ttfan

    Tim Resigns

    DomainNames: Do you really need to copy & paste these walls of text in every thread? Your info is good, but if you want people to actually read it, keep it concise and don't post it everywhere. No offense intended.
  16. ttfan

    Tim Resigns

    RESPECT Tim!!! Great letter as well! PS Who did you get to insert the commas and full stops? :D
  17. ttfan

    auDA SGM 27 July 2018

    If they've already seen the proxies, they probably would have resigned before the meeting if the vote went against them, to save the embarressment of being voted out.
  18. ttfan

    auDA SGM 2018 -

    Just a question about the proxy forms guys... I've filled out the proxy form, using the prefilled form from Grumpier (which was very useful and saved time). Should this only be sent to Or should this also be sent to Jim Stuart, who's the nominated proxy? I ask...
  19. ttfan

    auDA SGM 2018 -

    It would have been removal of Boardman, but the Board decided we could not vote him out.
  20. ttfan

    Daily drops are back at....

    The Auction guide probably hasn't been updated since the changeover, but hopefully you're right and it includes registration... although I'd prefer that to be seperate, so that I can choose the registration period, and not be forced into 1 year.