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    SEO Authority Domain Deals Newsletter by Media Options

    Signed up. Love juicy domains that can be repurposed to money sites, still works very very well.
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    .Melbourne - It's a Dud

    Bit of a shame .melbourne & .sydney turned to shit. I still like them, have seen good organic CTR based on a few sites i've worked on.
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    Bulk Checking Availability

    Hey boys, Hope you are all well. Has anyone came across a way to bulk check domains (1000's at once). I was using the bulk checking tool built by the admins here, but it appears since the change to Affilias the tool has broken. Appreciate any info! Cheers
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    .Melbourne - It's a Dud

    Contrary to popular belief around here, i have seen some positive organic movement when moving clients to .melbourne & .sydney domains. Majority of the time this was to escape an algorithmic penalty, so very hard to tell if the TLD itself played a role. I have seen vans driving around...
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    Past owner of domain asking for email access?

    Have done this for a previous domain owner recently, no issues so far. Keep an eye on the mailbox to ensure nothing suss is going on :).
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    Domain Sales List 2017

    Yep, i was wrapped to get it. Already resold!
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    Changes At Fabulous

    Hopefully their support does not suffer. They were always so quick in helping out.
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    Is AUDA competent to run the registry?

    Saw this place closed fairly recently. Loved eating there! Their domain is also dropping tomorrow!
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    Did You Guys See This? This Scammer Would Be Making A Fortune

    A while ago i noticed on the drops, seems the opportunistic owner has thrown together a site & is raking in the organic traffic. Few notes - Empty categories - &...
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    Love the latest Gtlds. Seeing some good increases in click through rates when swapping from a
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    Local SEO - 7 Pack Now 3 Pack

    An update has occurred and now there are 3 results showing in the once 7 pack. More competition for Local SEO and opportunity for businesses with no physical location it seems. More info -
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    Hi There

    Have been lurking on here for a while and i decided to join, a lot of great information here! I am an experienced SEO with an interest in snagging domain names. I love getting to know like minded individuals along with keeping up to date with industry trends. Can't wait to soak up all of the...